My first trip in Melbourne

We went to Mel for Charlie’s wedding which was a really good experience for me and  a chance for me to explore Mel.

Everything in Mel is new for me , everything was wonderful except our 10 hour driving nightmare plan. lol I am not joking, its absolutely terrible of staying in and driving the car for 10 hours!! yes, its 10 hours.



[ Day 1 ]

I got up really early on Saturday and dressed up and wore high heels like super model for my dear. lol

About 30 mins later, I finally arrived at James house by driving alone which was a little part of my adventure and luckily I made it without any crash. 😀


We spent 37$$$ to the airport , oh well, anyways I was so excited because its my first time to go to Melbourne and also my first time to explore Oz via plane.


James bought me a PINK lipstick although I really don’t think I am suitable with pink lips, anyways my dear is happy.

After an exciting journey, we finally arrived in Mel.

Wow~~ the air smell different!! (LOL maybe its just me felt that) but its a lot cooler compare to sydney. the only thing that i have to complaint about is that the domestic airport is so crap and look so cheap. lol maybe it just relates to the lower cost. But well, anyways I appreciate we had a safe flight.

We were pissed off at the very slow assistant in the car hire company who took her time and wasted us 20 mins to lend a car to us which is undoubtedly ridiculous.

As we checked in the accommodation, we both started dressing up and trying our best to look nice that we really did. After one and half hours late, magically we were not too late. lol

The bride and groom looked so nice, I am really happy for them. ❤ wish them all the best.

It was a pretty cool and new different style wedding, I like the way the couples organized the ceremony.

The have really romantic first dance and funny interaction with guests, also an amazing photo booth machine.


I will definitely have that one on my wedding.

The food was nice as well, can you guys imagine that everyone can have one entire lobster !!! and its a big and yummy one! Omg, i felt so guilty about non stopping eating till 12. I hope I wont be too fat. ><





On the wedding we met a lot of ppl from JZX its gd to meet them again and gd to practice my ielts 😀

We ended up the wedding with chilly night, I really enjoyed this gd time.


James and I both dead on the bed and had to get ready at 8 again next day. ZZZzzzzz

[Day 2]

As I expected, we lacked sleeping on Sun, but we still had to go to a few more places and explore the adventure. The road rule is so different to sydney, and for some reason the lifestyle is similar to Taiwan. eg. The bus/ Tram line is in the middle of the road, and they decorate the environment with many trees on the road as well. of course, the biggest point is the shops open as late as tw. we were confused due to the silence mel morning.

But generally, mel is a gd place fell like its peaceful and maybe less chinese. lol

I will know when I go there next year.


alright, everything was all good before our nightmare- horrible 10 hours road trip.

We tried to leave mel earlier but we still left there at 3:30 pm

we were excited and waiting for the copes to pull us over  before the sun set.

Our nightmare started at night after we realised there was only one head light works and it makes so hard to find out the kangaroo ( I dare its the only time I hate kangaroo so much)  and the annoying gps and signs always laid us. We tried to followed up and relied on the other cars light but they were all speeding heaps on the road. We stopped on the service centre, James finally fixed up the head light and we luckily have our last supper on the way. But we not always had fortune, the light broke up again after few miles and we both stressed out for a few hours again. Finally we arrived at syd at 1:30 am and finished this miracle tiring trip.

Me & the scary car

After this experience, trust me, I wont do it again. I would rather work harder and choose the easiest way on the trip.


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