Chef Jess | Instant Noodle with soft serve

Have you ever mix hot food and cold food together? Like eat chips with ice cream?

“I have.”

Today I am going to share a new popular way to cook instant noodle.



Yes! This recipe combines instant noodle and vanilla ice cream.

I have been considering to challenge this recipe for a few months after I saw ppl make it online, and finally its today.

People who have tried this flavor have said it taste really milky and yummy. Most importantly, it is very EASY to cook.

For whom is willing to try it, here is the recipe:



1.Instant noodle 1 pack ( can choose any flavor that you like but seafood flavor is recommended)

2.soft serve or vanilla ice cream * 1~2 ( depends on how much noodle you have)



1. Cook instant noodle as a normal procedure (pour hot water into the bowl)

2. Put the soft serve(with cone) into the cooked noodle and stir thoroughly till the ice cream melt and the cone soften completely.


3.Take a photo of your dishes.


4. Enjoy it


See! it is so easy.

Here is my personal experience.

Well, it does taste milky and not too bad( but not too good)

And 3 hours after eating, my stomach cramped a lot.

BUT!!! I haven’t had diahrroea yet.

However I personally wont tried second time. LOL

Good luck


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Jessica C

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