Europe| Preparation Tips for Paris![2016]

This article includes how I planned for our first semi back pack trip in Paris!!!!!




Day 1   [30/12/16 Wed]:

CDG airport→ Lux Hotel →Shakespear & Company→ Musee du Louvre→ Place Vendome→ Phamacie Monge→ Hotel

Day 2 [30/12/16 Wed]

Mont Saint Micheln→ Champs-Elysees→ Firework show for New Year Eve.

Day 3 [01/01/16 Thur][Public holiday]

Montmartre→Place du Tertre→ Sacre Coeur Basilica→ Sacre- Coeu→ Arc de Triomophe→ Champs-Elysees →Michellen Lunch→ Chamo de Mars→ Eiffel Towel

Day 4 [02/01/16 Fri]

Palace of Versailies →Printemps→ Lafayette Hussmann→Hotel

Day 5 [03/01/16 Sat]

Pont Neuf Bridge→Notre Dame Cathedral→Lux hotel→CDG airport

  1. Destination with Map
  2. Flight ( details in the airport)
  3. Currency Exchange
  4. Accommodations
  5. Transport
  6. Attractions
  7. Must Do
  8. Route
  9. Food
  10. Extra- Language
  11. Extra- Shopping lists
  12. Tax Refund
  13. Baggage
  14. Useful links



  • Destination – Paris, France


Sunrise: 08:44 a.m.  Sunset:17:00 p.m.


  • Flight ( details in the airport)

  • Currency Exchange

Travel card from commenwealth bank in Australia, and exchange cash from Taiwan Bank

  • Accommodations

Lux Hôtel Picpus [Hotel Link]

74 boulevard de Picpus, 75012 Paris

Tel : 00 33 1 43 43 08 46

Fax : 00 33 1 43 43 05 22

Check- in: after 01:00 PM  Check-out: before 11:00 AM
  • Transport

Navigo card, purchase in the airport.

  • Attractions

  • Must Do

Eiffel Tower

Arc de triomphe


Musee du Louvre


  • Food

macarons [link]

Michellen Restaurant (need to reserve in advance via email)

  • Extra- Language
  • Extra- Shopping lists

[Look at what I bought in Paris!]

  • Extra- Postcard

Postcard: lowest price: 10 for 3 or 2

The place to buy the stamps: TABAC





The airmail :the right side of the yellow mailbox.(Autres départements Etranger)

The price of the stamp for Aus:_____TW:______(0.95。)

  • Tax Refund

Lafayette Hussmann

  • Useful links

Visit a city [Link]



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