Europe| First Honeymoon in Europe| Paris Day1

James wasn’t a big fan of Europe, but I am. So my dear had decided to give up yummy Japan instead of making me a princess.


[Before the trip]

We packed up our luggage about 4-5 days ago before trip, and I carried about 15kgs with me, on the other hand, James only has less than 10 kgs items. XD

Our plan was at around midnight, so we just picked up our luggage after work then going to the airport straight away.


Hehe, you can see how excited we were for our first honeymoon.


13 hours crossing Asia and Europe, we are finally land in France. The air, sky, atmosphere smells romantic and fairy tale like here, although we faced our first fight right in the airport. I still enjoy it.

[Tips] Buy the sim card, Navigo cards and museum pass in the airport. 


We spent about an hour to find our way to get out of the airport. I was so scared by seeing too many unfriendly look ppl with unfriendly faces on the bus. I know its not right to discriminate of people, but from what I read online about ppl experience in Europe, I just hold my pouch  firmly within our journey.

[First Day]

First Stop….. 


Musee de Louvre, Napolon’s Palace. 

Lourve is the biggest and the most historical museum in the world, it was first designed as fortress then becoming a palace for Napolon III until 20 century it opened for the public.

There were still more than 1000 ppl visited on that day, even though the terrorist attack happened just a mouth ago. Its definitely the best masterpiece in the world, all the architectures, arts, status which inside of the museum were so delicate, gorgeous and pleasurable.We were just like the other tourists who have to fight for the most famous paint, Mona Lisa, her smile is as attractive as its in 15th century.


Well, you definitely need few days to enjoy yourself in the museum, so our main goal for this visit is to find the muse-see arts here. hmm, we spent about 4 hours there.



The view was absolutely amazing, wasn’t it? whereas the food wasn’t delicious unfortunately.


We just glanced at most other paintings and portraits in the museum before we had our late dinner/lunch? in the Christmas market in Jardin des Tuileries.


I then turned on my crazy shopping mode in the pharmacy, as pity James hold his bad stomachache outside for me.sorry for my poor dear.

[Look at my Paris shopping list]



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