Europe| Paris Day 4

[Day 4 ] 

Palace of Versailles, Louis XIII’s château

Again, we just couldn’t avoid the crowds everywhere in Paris. This is another place on my must go list. We spent almost 2 hours in the queue which is worth it again. Of course I love every arts and decorations in the palace.


fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Palace of Versailles [link] [Map]

Tip: I suggest you use Museum pass , so you don’t need to line up for the tickets again.

Bring headphones with you so you can listen the audioguide clearly.

Palace of Versailles is open everyday except Monday from 9am to 5:30pm (6:30pm in high season).


The Hall of Mirrors, the King’s Grand Apartments, the Museum of the History of France where the king put on his most ostentatious display of royal power in order to impress visitors.


Mars Drawing room

Behind the palace is a big garden.



It was a windy day again and my lovely bf sometimes could be the most thoughtful bf even though we fought everyday during our trip now. LOL


Not long after, it started raining in the end of the visit. we just couldn’t take more nice photos.

We headed back to city and looked for my Longchamp where had a damn queue in the department store again.

fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Galeries Lafayette

Tips: Purchase something total amount of up to EUR 175, then you can get the tax refund immediately in Galeries Lafayette.

You will also need your passport with you for the tax refund!



In the end of the day, I could tell my dear wasn’t happy about his dinner, mccas. He soon blew up and talked to me seriously about hes not going to eat fast food in Prague. LOL

oh no, please wait for the part 2 Europe JJ


To be continued…..

oh oh , almost forgot.

I’ve named our kids, Paris, Prague and Peipei which stands for Taipei. 🙂

PS: I really appreciate my dear gave me a chance to share this romantic and memorable experience with him. LOVE MY JAMES A LOT

The view from the top floor of printemps



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