Europe|The fairy tale town| Prague Day 1

[Day 1 The fairy tale town in Europe]

The coldest day in my life, that’s the first impression that I had when we landed Prague at 7 p.m..



First step after landing was to withdraw cash for the expense on the rest of days, unfortunately it took us a while to get the cash out as there wasn’t ATM which was on service.

We are rich again


Prague airport is relatively small compares to CDG, France. We soon found out our way and registered for a sim card in order to get wifi. This time we had less troubles luckily. 😀



People in Prague speak English more which is more friendly for us.

We then bought the tickets for shuttle bus, one hour later we finally checked in our lovely hotel.



James was very excited for food there as he was the one dominated for the rest of the trip. Prague old town is not too big but with all elements of romance and magic. The atmosphere was full with Christmas and medieval style.


Look at our first meal in Prague. ohh, I forgot to mention that it was -10ish degree. So we had nice warm mead and Prague sausages.



Old Prague town is amazing, lots of little stores in the wooden cottage. You really don’t feel yourself in 2016. I feel like I am the princess in my dear’s eyes. XD

We walked around in the city then heading back to the hotel for an early night to get rid off the tiredness and jet-leg.

Good Night Prague, see you tomorrow 🙂





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