Europe| Prague Day 2

[Day 2 Surprise in Prague]


There was a big surprise for us today.

We had a smei-lazy day and started our day with Paul the morning. Okay, actually only I had a croissant. hmm, I would say I just had over expectation on them. It’s just a normal bread for me though.



James of course wanted his meat breaky, Prague Sandwich from the street.



Hmm, we didn’t know they charge it by weight, so it wasn’t as cheap as we thought, oh well, my dear need protein anyway. XD


So remember I mentioned we got a big surprise today? Yep, we got snow!!!!

After the snow trip in 2013, we haven’t had snow for a while. We both were so excited and I just realised the snow is in star shape that is really amazing until I had my knees started getting hurt from the freezing coldness. 😦



Hehe, I walked like a model, didn’t I? The road was very very slippery.



We are now at the Prague old town central where was very crowded with people although it was minus 10 degrees.  We took plenty photos and I suddenly realised James is a selfie king. He took selfie stick everywhere with him.( I am glad he had fun though)



After spending most time out, we had a break afterwards. I felt so good to stay warm in our hotel. 😀


For dinner, we chose to have traditional Czech meal near our hotel in Wenceslas Square, we have fun time there. The main guy who cosplayed a knight from medieval times is very welcoming. He spoke good English and offer a deal to us by unlocking the magical chain. Hehe, I still don’t know how I solved it but we got free gifts as a reward.


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fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128[About the restaurant]

Café Svatého Václava

Address: Václavské nám. 821/39, 110 00, Czech Republic

Official website:


It’s very sweet to have Chinese and English menu for us.  We ordered those three dishes which are enough for 2 stomachs.

Boleslav’s sword

Yummy pork, a bit salty, but perfect matches with plain rice on the side.

Potato soup served in a round loaf of bread according to grandmother’s recipe

I like the soup a lot, it’s a bit plain but it warms up the stomach and increases the appetite.

Apple strudel

You can never say ice cream tastes bad, can you? Nice vanilla ice cream, smooth, creamy and rich whereas the apple pie was a bit dry and too sweet for me.


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