Europe| We will come back to Prague again! Last Day

In the end of the trip, we built a lot of sweet memories together overseas.  Although we only left home for about a week, we had experienced a few things that out of plan and unexpected, such as snow, delayed flight, new food and different lifestyle which made our journey more unforgettable.


Both of us had so much fight during the time, however it made us to know each other more and stick our heart tighter and more intimate.

On our last day, we still prayed for going home on time. We walked around in new town made some videos together and tried to remember everything in Prague.

We ordered random food and drink in a food court. ( I actually wanted to order a meat plate, but things just went wrong. lol )


We safely caught our flight back to Taiwan and celebrate my dear’s birthday in the air with free updated business class and 2 glasses of wine.

To my dear James, Happy birthday 😀

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Jessica C

Hi there. Jess here. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a dreamer,foodie,nurse, Gemini who loves travelling, cooking, reading and drawing. Here is my dream platform, please enjoy my story.

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