Share|4 airlines reviews and cheap flight tickets tips

Well today let me talk about my cheap fly experience.

mm, I’ve been buying the flight tickets by myself for around 10 ish years now.


fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Taiwanese website- backpacker [ link]

well, i used to use Taiwanese website- backpacker, but its in chinese. [ link]

This one is pretty good, it actually gives you a table of every airline and you can compare the price easily.

I used to buy the ticket to china and it only took me around  20K NTD

Rmb there was an other experience that i only spent 27-28K NTD from TW to SYD and transferred in SHA.

You also can choose have a few days to stay maximum 10 days in SHA if you want. in addition, all service is all included.


fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Scoot [link]

However, these a few years, “scoot” has a flight stop in Taiwan, and it actually have heaps place that you are able to go.

Due to its cheap cost, you have to pay extra money if you need more service including meals, entertainment, baggage service and etc.

But it suits me well coz i normally don’t eat much, and a tricky way i did was buying food from 7-11( PS everything is cheaper in convenience store compare to the shop in the airport in TW)

I usually got two sandwich and brought my own bottle to fill in water in the lobby.

[Note: you are not allowed to bring any LIQUID over 100 ml each with you]

That’s why I brought an empty bottle only, but soiled food its okay.

[Note: Australia doesn’t allow you to bring any food with meat and other heaps stuffs, aus policy is always strict. you’d better check yourself before you leave, but u still can eat it during ur journey]

The other reason I like scoot is I LOVE Singapore, I always enjoying using leg massager for FREE during my tiring fly. its the best airport I’ve been so far.


You only need to purchase your ticket step by step and get your credit card ready then I am sure you can be the best backpacker now. The earlier you buy a ticket, the cheaper price you can get.


well, let’s talk about the tickets from aus to tw.

fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128China eastern airline

Remember last time I helped my bf buy a ticket, surprisingly i found china eastern airline is cheaper than scoot, another benefit of it is that also includes all service ( luggage with 25 kgs) but its with like 4-6 hours for transferring.

However, James commends that was terrible fly experience ever, lol he said the food was crap and there has nothing.

fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Philippine airline

When talking about the worst fly experience for me, it was with Philippine airline, that one was the scariest one coz of the HIGH SECURITY check. They even checked my shoes through X-ray machine, and my whole body was checked by the lady. they opened my hand bags even there are a few security dogs came.

fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Malaysia airline

I took Malaysian airline, mm its not bad, just need to wait for 8-9 hours to transport.If u don’t mind, it could be considered.

Above are my fly price, hope it can be useful to u. 🙂


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