10 Things must do in Taiwan

10 Things must do like a real Taiwanese


  1. Ride on a scooterThere are 2.3b ppl in Twnes population and 1.2b scooters in Taiwan. Can you imagine how important scooter is for us?


2.Night market

I visit the night market in Syd, seems like they are trying to copy everything from here to the china town in Syd. Although they look the same, there is one thing they can’t steal that’s called “traditional flavor”.

3. Shrimping

As it’s a crowed island, we shrimp in the dark greenish water in a big sink . Will update a photo soon.

4. Wind sliding






5.Make wishes on your own lantern

I now can confidentially say yes, my dream came true!!! I passed my English exam last year eventually. 😀



6. Riding ubike

I think ubike is a really good idea for the public based on economic and healthy benefit.

7. Pipes garbing

All pipes that you can garb in those little box will be your lunch, they cook for you. James loves it so much.


8. Play go kart without helmet

I know it sounds dangerous but yes, that’s right! We don’t wear helmet here. No one can ruin your hairstyle.

not sure if you notice we didn’t wear shoes lol

9.Being a foodie

We have thousands and thousands new flavor everywhere. You can start eating since you wake up in the morning. One of the best thing in TW is you will never get hungry. Trust me! Lots of shops and restaurants open 247!

10. Visit karaoke

You can be a superstar here. Compare to the karaoke in Sydney, I have much more fun in TW. The system for ordering songs are much organised and you rarely not  be able to find your songs.

oh man, just realised we were so young….


fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Further reading



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