Foodie mouth|Must eat Luodong Night market

Today I am sharing with you my must eat list for Luodong night market in Yilan.

This city is famous for yummy food. So let’s open our foodie mouths now. 😀



First, Luodong night market is located in Luodong countryside in Yilan, walking distance from the train station.

Your nightlife begins at 5 p.m. till midnight. What you need with you in this adventure is a hungry stomach, cash, camera and some tissue for cleaning.

When you walk along the main street from the entrance that next to the park, you will meet a big intersection. There’s a small cart packed with people, that’s the one where sell ” Long feng tui “龍鳳腿, it looks like a picture below.




This is a dish made of pork and it mixes with some carrots and veges then wrapping it with a very slight layer of pork skin from the belly.

Eating this with the secret sauce which is made from soy sauce I suppose it is the best combination.

If you visit there in a group, more than one person, then I will suggest another person to queue in the line for another must eat next door. It’s called “Bo ròu” 卜肉, deep fried pork and added some paper on the top. You may imagine it tastes like nuggets, but it’s somehow completed different texture, not too dense, on another hand, the meat is firm and crunchy. In addition,Its skin layer isn’t too thick.


Next lip-smacking dish is “cumin lamb” as James is a big fan of lamb.

You can never get wrong with this though. The lamb is well marinaded by cumin then the cooker barbecues it until its cooked completely which builds up the chewy and tasty consistency.


It may shock most foreigners when they see a head of a duck lying on the table in front of you. They may think “yuck” “how can Asian take this”, but what comes to my mind is ” how can you eat rabbit then” LOL well this is just a cultural difference I suppose, we respect the others fro what we were always taught in schools. Well, if you can’t take this, then you may just try next shop or other things.

Ducks dishes are another famous foods here though. They marinade ducks with the secret sauce, I can’t even guess what kind of sauce that used in the recipes. But it must have some paper for sure. The taste of ducks meat is kind of chicken, most of the time you won’t be able to realised it’s duck because of the sauce just covers everything. This is just a side dish in the market. If you really wanna know the taste of ducks, you should try it in a proper restaurant. Duck is yummy but it really depends on how you want it to be cooked, sometimes it’s almost similar to chicken.
Furthermore, tempura with that secret sauce is delicious too. The sauce is kind of sweetness and saltiness inside which moisture the food and makes us non-stop eating next bite.

With all those salty dishes, you now need nice and cool drink on the side while you are still on the way in your foodie journey.

I am a kind of person who likes “fruit drinks” rather than artificial drinks (eg. pearl milk tea). Apparently, cranberry, lemonade, winter melon and sugarcane drink is something that I would order.


We now feel 70% of fullness after all those dishes and drink, our belly expended like 3 months pregnancy now. So last dish we tried was oyster omelette which disappointed us A LOT. Please do not order this. The best oyster omelette is in Shih lin night market, not here.

The key to success this dish is the potato flour, the semi white-transparent thing. You should cook this until it turns to thick and solid texture, so that brings you crunchy consistency. Running one is NOT right!!!! (Sorry, as a person who loves cooking just can’t stand someone to destroy my favourite dish.)

So we wasted our calories for today and got pearl milk tea for James for the compensation to end our lovely night.


I also tried ” stinky chips ” here before, but not recommend. It’s just like different shape of stinky tofu. The chips-shape may make it easier to eat, but too much deep fried for me.


“scallion cake” is a deep fried cake too, The first few bit may be crunchy but it turns too oily in the end.




What I would LIKE to try next time there?

Deep fried mushrooms and barbecued bacon apparently look good and I always have good experience in the past.

“Okonomiyaki” is pronounced “Dàbǎn shāo”大阪燒 in Mandarin is a quite fulfilled dish. You can order different flavours but it mainly cooks pork with cabbage then add mayonnaise on the top. It never goes wronh but you may not be able to try more dishes as its portion is quite big for a girl.

Banana pancake looks attempted, but I have never had chance to try it yet.

“Xiánshuǐ jī”鹹水雞 is something for someone who feel guilt after lots of deep fried food at night. Some veges mix with boiled chicken that marinaded with salt. Quite delightful taste.

What I wound NOT buy in the market?

Fruits, because you don’t know how much dust goes in for how long.



Above all is my personal opinion, it doesn’t mean all those dishes taste really bad or it’s the worst dishes to buy. I am kind of a picky person. So you may give them some chances if you would like to try the new things in Asia.




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