Hot air balloon exp



Hot air balloon! sounds so exciting by its name right? I am probably the only one person who brought a swimsuit for the first hot air balloon experience. You may ask me why I brought that. It’s because James told me we were going to the beach at 5 a.m. LOL I know I know, it sounds ridiculous, but en, I believed him.I realised that I was actually flying in the air at very last second. It was another surprise for me.



The pilot first gave us a simple instruction of the safety and how the air balloon works . The the crews quickly guided us to set up the balloon. Soon and later, we were ready for our journey in air.



We stood next to the fire which kept us warm in the little basket. I was originally thought we just gonna leave the ground for couple seconds then done, however the truth was that we flew over Canden valley for more than an hour I think. It was another unforgettable experience for me. I still remember we saw some kangaroos jumping around in the forest and we greeted to people who were just got up in their house.

The air, the fire, the sunrise, the scenes,  and the excitement, I could never forget it.



Time for us end our adventure in the air, we slowly landed back to the ground. I realised how big the balloon was under the daylight. We then helped to fold the balloon which was very fun.

The crews then drove us back to the venue and offer a delicious breaky to us. about 1 hour drive, we were back home again. It’s still early like I just had a sweet dream, but when I pinched myself again, I know we just had a great start for the beginning of the day.

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