A list of things to do in Sydney part 1

If you’re partner is ever in Sydney and you’re looking for things to do, I’ll be introducing you to a couple of things that may interest you..

The list on-going of which I’ll talk about in detail as we go on but let’s start. This is in no particular order:

1) Cabramatta Moon Festival
Take your partner to the moon festival, this is in Sydney’s west in Cabramatta – the Asian central of Sydney (and possibly Australia) where we celebrate the lunar new year. Food, music, snacks, people, rides, shops, stalls, fireworks, dances, it has it all.

2) Medieval – Winterfest
The closest thing to medieval you’ll get in the 20th century within Sydney. This festival is held in Parramatta annually and is a must for anyone who is interested in medieval society, culture and perhaps of game of thrones. It’s a small entry fee but well worth it as you’ll get to do traditional archery, jousting (watching), birds of prey and for those who are brave enough – cosplay!

3) Stardust Circus
This was actually a surprise birthday present from Jess to me, they are a traveling circus but having seen a circus before (a small one), Stardust circus is a really good experience for both people who have seen a circus and those who haven’t! They are based in Forster NSW which is about 2 hours drive up north. We had a great time there with Lions, monkeys, horses and the traditional clown acts. While you’re up there make a day out of northern NSW and take the time to explore. Just remember to check their website to see when they’re around again!

More to come shortly!

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