World Time Attack..What?

This post is purely for those who like cars… and those who love cars.. and also those who are interested in cars. World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) or for short “World Time Attack” is an event where drivers from all around the world come to Sydney’s Motorsports capital which is Eastern Creek Raceway for one reason – get the fastest lap around the track.


It’s a great day out for the family and is aimed at people of all ages. The best thing about the event is not just about the cars itself but more about the variety of cars that are presented and participate.


You’ll see cars from Japan, Europe, America and include amateur drivers all the way up to professional seasoned fully sponsored drivers.


It’s very much the most down to earth race event in Australia where you can get up and close to the pits and cars, socialize and see the drivers and their machines (and crew) right up there.


There are sections for display show and shine cars, the time attack itself, drifting, classics and vintage cars so really there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re just in for just a good day out or if you’re  into Motorsports and am a nut like myself, I would highly recommend WTAC as something you attend!


It’s a yearly event that occurs in October usually on the second weekend of the month but remember to check their site. They had a special star come this year!



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