Australian Reptile Park

If your partner is into animals and furry creatures this is definitely something you should visit. It’s located in the north of Sydney just past Terrigal but before Newcastle.



It’s a small entry fee as expected but well well worth it! Don’t be fooled by the name, upon entering the actual park itself, you will be greeted with not only reptiles (as the name suggests) but pretty much every Australian animal you can think of!


As me and Jess are both very much into animals (love her for this!), we actually didn’t spend much time to take photos of the actual enclosures, displays and animals themselves.


But instead, we just continued to take selfies with the countless kangaroos and joeys that were jumping around!


You’ll see wombats, spiders, snakes, platypuses, Tasmanian devils and whatever else you can think of (in Australia that is). They even had emus and an array of birds! Did I say kangaroo selfies? 🙂


Tip of the day: remember to browse online for vouchers, I actually got cheaper tickets from a colleagues voucher book! But there are usually deals online like 2 for 1.


Their website:




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