AniMania 2013 – a review

While anime culture is not as big as it should be in Australia, there are some events now and then that do actually promote anime culture and also cosplaying.

AniMania is one of those, we visited AniMania from an advertisement I found online. It’s an event run and hosted by UTS’ primary anime society and I believe Sydney Uni’s anime society also had some involvement.

Camera 360

I was quite hyped up for it, it was hosted in the old train yards near Eveleigh and the technology park adjacent to it. Walking there was quite exciting when we started seeing people all into the spirit of cosplay and in their costumes!

Camera 360

Closer we got, the more people we saw and subsequently more cosplayers!

Camera 360

Until we got into the actual exhibition itself.

Camera 360

It was quite sparse and somewhat empty. While there were cosplayers, they were far and few. Particularly some areas of the actual exhibition.

They had some gaming competitions and some karaoke events where people would sing J-pop songs and what not. While there were some seminar type sessions also though I wasn’t sure what was being discussed or spoken about.

Other areas were just static displays.

Camera 360

We did find a wall which we could write on…..

Camera 360

And also a maid cafe which was unfortunately covered off and had a hefty price tag for those who wanted to enter.

Camera 360

In short, I was we were thoroughly disappointed. Events like these are only as good as the people that attend them. We admittedly did not cosplay due to the spontaneous decision to go however it was a good effort for those who did. It was just lacking spirit and more importantly people. The fact that food was very overpriced here (with an extremely long wait) didn’t help that much either.

Camera 360

The general atmosphere of the place was quite boring and uninteresting to be honest. It was hard to pin it down to one particular aspect – it was more overall. Possibly due to poor advertising and publicity?

Camera 360

It could have possibly changed in the 3 years that have since passed but if you’re looking for cosplay and anime culture I would highly recommend looking at Supernova (more on that in another post) rather than AniMania.

Hopefully our next anime event is better!


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