Some inspiration..

I was looking back on something and realized a few things. Good things take time and while life isn’t always fair, it’s what you make of it and how much effort and persistence you put your mind to something you want to achieve.

Ever since I met Jess about 5 years ago, she has matured and developed into a beautiful lady with big heart.

If you ever get to meet Jess one day, the biggest differences you will notice her now and her back then is her drive, heart and language skills!

This a snippet of a profile she has on another old blog.

If you knew her back then you would know she had no chance of writing any of this, but now she has become so intelligent and articulate. She even utilizes quotes and sayings like it were her own, often adopting them for real and using them as mottoes.

Her interests just further show how intelligent and sophisticated she is. She’s an example of what you can also achieve what you want. All you need to do is mix a big heart and persistence and sprinkle a little confidence and support 🙂

I’m so proud of her.



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