Animals again – this time at the farm!

As you guys may realise that James and I are animal lovers. Unfortunately I can not keep any animals at home as some of my family members are allergic to them, however, my luckiest bf has lots of animals at home which I enjoy the chance of getting close to them.

Story by Jess

Today, James took me to a farm in Sydney near hill district as a surprise.


There was a quick tour in the beginning, everyone got a bucket of grass for feeding animals.

Soon later, one of the coolest experience was on, cow milking, mm. From my memories, I did have a experience of milking on a model mum during my nursing training, however, as it was, model mum is a kind of toy without milk. So we had to convince ourselves that we were doing right.

I know I know, Cows will never be the same as human. You definitely need practice to get the technique for working more effectively. I suppose the amount of the milk that I squeezed out for 5 minutes was probably less then 50 ml. (Shame)

To be honest, it’s a hard job. Thanks to the creativity from god, farmers now can milk cows more easily with the smei automatic way.

Afterwards. there were more activities for kids. One of the awesome one is to get in touch with these lovely domestic cuties.

I guess this chick was just born for a couple of weeks. So tiny.


The rabbits are so tiny and soft!!!  I suppose one of the reason I love animal is they are so innocent and I can easily just feel happy and secured by looking at them growing up or playing around.


It was around 2-3 hours farm experience, but it delight my day completely. 😀


Thanks to my dear.

Story By James

As you probably all figured by now, we both love animals big and small. Jess used to tell me she didn’t really love dogs as much but ever since we met my influenced has rubbed onto her. I don’t believe 😛


But anyways we decided to visit (actually I did) Golden Ridge Farm in Dural which is Sydney’s north west. It’s quite local if you live in say Ryde, Kellyville, etc and would only be about 20-30 minute drive at most.


The reason I chose this place was that it was specifically targeted for kids! If you realise kids love to handle and touch and feel. This was perfect for me to get Jess up right there and close to the animals, she can be a kid.. sometimes 🙂


One of the most interesting things which people forget is that goats have odd eyes! Some might think it’s scary but just remember to feed them!


Being a farm, you can expect the usual chickens, ducks and chicks. Be careful they’re very fragile!

There were also ponies..


And most importantly, Jess’ favourite, bunnies..

There also alpacas…


And somewhere to milk cows!


If you enjoy getting up close with animals, feeding them and just a general good day out which is different from just going to a zoo, I definitely recommend coming here. Bookings are required though.

IMG_20140921_114437 (Medium).jpg

fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128[About the farm]

Golden Ridge animal farm

Address: 686 Old Northern Road, Dural, NSW, 2158

Phone: 02 9651-1028

Official website:

Suggest visit duration: 3-4 hours.


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