Introduction to Astronomy

Since selling my car I recently decided to find a hobby that could keep me busy til April next year, keep me learning something new, be interesting to me and also romantic enough to teach Jess when she comes.

It is astronomy. I have loved science since I was a kid and in particular physics and space! One of our first dates was actually at the observatory. The universe is out there yet we often neglect to look out into the sky and realize that our lives and world are much smaller than we think. It’s fascinating to think about that.

So while this isn’t meant to be a tutorial, it’s more of an introduction and what I got to get into it.

So what do you need? Well first a telescope!

Remember to do your research and find one that suits your needs.


You’ll also need to do lots of reading and understanding the sky. Astronomy is something that takes time to learn and isn’t picked up over night or even a week. Usually over a few months to get decent.


The thing with telescopes and learning the sky is to read and understand the sky. How to map it out in your head and finding your way around. A good thing to do if you can is finding a telescope that can help with auto tracking.


Applications like this also help so you can find your way around – some even connect to your telescope via Bluetooth, wired and what not.

Practice practice practice! Also look out for the moon which is the easily object to spot in our sky. You’ll be able to take photos like this which I did with my phone straight into the telescope!


More to come soon.


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