Astronomy – part 2

Further my previous post… I’ll be talking about some additional things you can do to further improve your astronomy experience.

First thing’s first. Join a club or a society so you can gain more knowledge and share your experiences! This is a photo of a telescope that is used by the society on loan from a university.

If you have a camera, test it out and experiment with shutter speeds and exposures. This is a photo taken by a regular DSLR of the milky way.20160528_213228-medium

If you enjoy star trails, that can be done very easily also with almost any camera. Basically it’s time lapse long exposure shot which shows you where the celestial south pole is (everything rotates around this from our perspective in the southern hemisphere)

If a telescope doesn’t suit your budget, a good pair of binoculars also works. Here’s an example of how they magnify your viewing experience in the sky. A view from my office window.


Can you find where I am looking at here?


Finally a photo of what we first saw on one of our initial dates when we visited the observatory. I think this is something people don’t often expect to see in so this detail given it’s so far away!


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