When you have a daytrip in Jinshan,Taiwan without a car.金山

I believe the most comfortable and easiest way to travel around is going anywhere by a car, rather then carrying luggage during the trip.

However, I don’t have a car. Here are some tips for people who intend to make your trip with less troubles in transportation.

Today’s destination is……Jinshan where located in the up north in Taiwan.


What is there famous for?

Ducks, natural scene

We took a shuttle bus from Taipei main train station that I recommend you to take busses there as you may won’t be able to get a seat for an hour if you get on it on other stops. It’s always busy on the weekend.


Oh, I forgot to mention that if you get sick easily on the mountain road, then you’d better to take train then transferring to busses.

By the time we arrived was almost time for lunch, we then went straight to one of the most famous street, kimpauli street to get yummy duck dishes.

fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128The restaurant

Address:No. 2, Jinbaoli St, Jinshan District
Business time:10:00~20:00 Everyday

The way they serve dishes are quite different too. You basically choose your dishes on the serving table in front of the chief, then bringing your food to another shop where are full with seats. (so you set up yourself by your own) You may have a chance to eat with someone who you don’t know.

It’s somehow wired that they don’t serve rice. So we had to take away 2 bowels of rice from a restaurant nearby and came back to there shop. What a new experience. lol

Mum likes the duck a lot but I didn’t agree this is something very special though.However, the shop was very very packed.

This kind of restaurant is only suit for group of people as they only serve dishes not like a set meal.
NTD $200 for each dish.

We then walked around in the market and tried different snacks and stayed there for about 2 hours.

[Egg roll is yummy!!]


fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128What else you can do here:


Hiking in Natural spots



Next stop, Tamsui

On the way back, the bus took us on the way next to the ocean. If you don’t go with people who doesn’t have enough energy (e.g. my mum), then it would be good to take off the bus on some stops on the way. Travelling by bus here is convenient as the busses come very frequently.


To be continue……


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  1. It’s a bit hard to read the entry without those distracting pictures of my beautiful dear.. look at her go with those selfies!

    But I agree, #carlife is what you need and you know I support this very much 🙂 Just makes a trip all that more comfortable

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