Long Distance Relationships – part 2

Here are some things/pointers/hints that you should do if you’re in a long distance relationship (LDR):

  • Text/message via Line, WeChat – as you’re not physically in the same location, you should always keep in contact via message as a basis. It doesn’t take long and often quicker than scratching your back. Your partner will appreciate it.
  • Call, call, call –  while texting is good, it can’t replace a real voice with emotion and tone. You can’t put a genuine laugh into text and you can’t always tell the story the way you want to (unless you’re an avid writer or poet) and while you can with emoticons and emoji, you shouldn’t!
  • Voice messages are a good alternative also, especially if you’re on the go or walking. Who has time to text everywhere right? Mix it up a little, they’ll love to hear your voice every once in a while.
  • Video calls – now this is key and probably the one thing that kept me and Jess together for as long as we are…… *drum roll* 5 years! Without Steve Jobs we would not have FaceTime and not be able to communicate as well as we have with each other. We’ve both tried them all, Viber, Line, Skype, Tango etc and FaceTime is easily the best (although we’ve recently moved to Line for a while).
  • Watch a movie together, find a movie and share the experience and story through FaceTime. We often mute one or the other so there isn’t an echo or just use headphones. It’s a great experience, you’ll know what I mean when you do it, try it!
  • Make a blog together 🙂
  • Flowers/Gifts/Presents – thanks to the digital age of the internet we now can engage in e-commerce in the convenience of our chairs at home. What does this mean? Get a gift for your loved one whether it be randomly, for an anniversary or special occasion. I’ve often send flowers and gifts to her work unexpectedly, much to her surprise 🙂
  • Share your everyday lives with one another – while you can FaceTime and talk with each other at your desks, do it while you have breakfast, while you study, while you fall asleep, while you’re doing you’re thing. There are times when we don’t even turn off our video calls when we pop out or so so it’s almost like we’re right there together.

There are many many more things to do but I’ll continue it in another post! Good luck in your LDR!


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