Long Distance Relationships – part 3

A continuation of my last post (part 2) on LDRs and what worked well for us:

  • Get fit together! – fitness has become a big thing in this age now with more and more people becoming health conscious. We often try to run or get fit get together like planning out how much weight we plan to lose and record it! There are apps to help you do this like Nike Running
  • Use collaboration tools and applications together – we have been planning trips overseas and just our plans together using Google Sheets which sometimes is used in universities and schools but why not extend that to your personal lives together? It’s really useful and you guys can both plan, modify, build and create plans and dreams together!
  • Photos – This is important and often overlooked, every instant messaging application supports this now. Share photos of your life with each other; if you’re shopping and find a nice shirt, take a photo of yourself in the change room and share it 🙂 If you see something odd on the way to work, share it they will appreciate it and let your partner see what you see. Even if it isn’t interesting, funny, odd or weird, take a photo (or even a few) and share it with your partner. After all a picture tells a thousand words!
  • Selfies – now this is an extension of the above but while you can take photos of your daily life to share with your loved one, they also want to see you!
  • Make sure you schedule time for each other – this should be dedicated time to talk/video call/message where you are free. It’s important so you don’t get interrupted all the time, just like if they were next to you. Cut of time from your schedule to spend together virtually 🙂
  • Share your schedules and daily routines with each other. Me and Jess have quite relatively simple lives where work takes up quite a bit our time. But with Jess being a nurse, she often has to work shifts, we use Google’s calendar to share our rosters together. My work is always during business hours but you should put down your events if you plan to go out with friends and family so your partner knows – they will appreciate you are thinking about them!

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