Coupley nicknames

Do you nicknames for your loved ones?

When I first met her, her name went from “Jessica” to “Jess” as I’m Aussie and we always abbreviate everything and anything. “Jessica” is long to continually say, try saying it fast 10 times!

Sooner or later I ended up calling her “babe” which was easier at times and just suited her more I guess. She calls me “dear” which I think is common in Taiwan from what I hear and read about. I remember walking around Taiwan at times and it’s not uncommon to hear it a lot!

The funniest thing is, I realized I would sometimes call her (not sure why I did this) “Miss Chen” and now you know what, now she even calls me the equivalent lol

Guess she did really become like me 😛
20160101_142341 (Small).jpg

What do you call your other half?


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