How to surprise your partner..

Tip 1: Arrive at your planned destination much earlier than expected.

I just had to post about this because I couldn’t over how cheeky my girlfriend is.. On May of this year, Jess came to Sydney to visit me. Nothing surprising about that right? Wrong!

Don’t be fooled by her innocent smile, here is her true form – many people will not see this side.


She totally tricked me and sneakily arrived in Sydney ONE DAY before I had expected, god it was a massive surprise to me. I was so busy at work and had no idea at all.

So instead of arriving on Tuesday which I had originally planned for (mind-wise and work-wise), she came on Monday lol

I think it was about 10 or 11? when I got an image sent to me on Line.
20160502_112840 (Small).jpg

I was like…. shocked for a minute thinking, erm isn’t she meant to be on the plane? or maybe she’s in Taiwan but I realised they don’t have Hungry Jacks there… they have Burger King. Then it hit me! I think she said “guess what” or “guess where I am” or something like that lol

So why is this cheeky? the night before she actually sent me this photo and had it had me thinking she was at home organising… until she confessed saying she took that photo the night before yesterday and only sent it yesterday to make me think she was at home.
20160430_205601 (Small).jpg

I hadn’t realized at all as we always message each other every single day in the morning and at night! (work or not)

Sight seeing while she waiting for me to finish work.20160502_124835 (Small).jpg

She copies me so much, who do you think she got that cheeky smile from who? ME!
20160506_111552(0) (Small).jpg

So what is the moral of the story? Surprise your partner when you can, this is just one of many ways to do so!


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