Quick Review for 2016

So it’s suddenly the end of 2016 now.

It just seems like we were in Paris and Prague few months ago, but yeh, its literally a year ago now.



Lighting show in front of Arc de Trimonphen in Paris started our first chapter of JJ in 2016.

I still rmb there was a very strick security everywhere in Paris, however, James and I still enjoyed the sences and timethere.

Magical Prague is definitely the most favorite place in the world! We had our first flake of snow in front of Zara in old town.

We were both very excited and made many snow men wherever we found snow. Surprisingly, selfie James mode was just provoked.
Snowing was one of the most romantic things for us, but it’s also a semi nightmare to us as our flight was delayed.

Luckily, we were back home on time.

The unforgettable journey allow two of us to know each other more and ourselves more. We both just transformed to be like each other more and more in each day.
Soon and later, Jess started her project of cooking house wife. I experienced lots of secret recipes and had fun with new classmates. On the other hand, James worked harder that make his hair into grass and bought a new car.

May, another few months to go. JJ was finally reunioned in Sydney. We went back to the first place we dated, Port Stephens. On the other hand, I finally actived the application to AHPRA.

Everything seems on the track.

Suddenly, I reteculated to turn 26 before I had a bad car accident few days before my bday. I was upset of getting scars and afraid of crossing roads.
James was finally next to me and met my new scars in Taipei. I let him to drink more peal milk tea in his journey, though he still tight its never enough.

In the next few months, I was very busy for the baking class and tennis, I also had a lot of meet up with old friends and enjoyed girls gossips.

December finished faster than I realised. JJ JP trip was came to the end during the non stop fighting.

Here is a quick view for my fulfilled year. Last but the least, I want to thanks m6 dear James who always be there for me and support me physically and emotionally.
Happy new year and wish more years with you to come.


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Jessica C

Hi there. Jess here. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a dreamer,foodie,nurse, Gemini who loves travelling, cooking, reading and drawing. Here is my dream platform, please enjoy my story.

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