A place called happiness, Disney sea, Tokyo

Disney Sea is definitely a place called happiness for me. There is a magical spell cast in the whole land. I could just feel happy when I saw the mickey mouse on the shuttle bus to the main land.


For the people who are first time to visit, I suggest you to do the 2 things below before your visit.

  • Buy e-tickets online before your visit [Link]
  • Download Disneysea app


Cover artTDR Wait Time Check [Link]


Image result for Wait Times + Map for Tokyo DisneylandWait Times + Map for Tokyo Disneyland  [Link]




These steps can definitely help you to avoid queue, so you can save more time to enjoy yourself there.

I forgot that I had downloaded the app when I was there until both of us had already went back and forth for many times.

For some moments, James commended me as the unhappiest mini mouse in Disneysea. LOL


Image result for tokyo disney sea fastpassFast Pass is designed for avoiding long queue for the popular attractions. The disney ticket has a QR code on it, so everyone can get the fast pass tickets every 2 hours through the QR code machine.

So the fast Pass attractions are the target for us today! Let’s play with us now. 😀


Image result for duffy bearTurtle Talk

First thing we went to today. This is an amazing show though I didn’t fully understand what it said in JP, but the turtle was just like a real.


Image result for tokyo disney sea fastpassTower of Terror

This thing!!!! is very very very scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea what that was until I was on the seat. It’s like a elevator lifting you up to 15 floors high, and drop you down in 5 seconds. I was up and down for 3,4 times and praying for it finished soon.

James was very happy with it though, but I wasn’t.



Image result for duffy bearJasmine’s Flying Carpets

Rate 1 stars out of 5 for the excitement. We were flying in the air with semi slow speed. James kept waving his had to strangers. ( shake my head….)


Image result for duffy bearAquatopia

Not exciting either, just a spinning coffee cup on the water.

We met Abu on the way 😀



Image result for tokyo disney sea fastpassMermaid Lagoon Theater

This is a fast pass attraction, but we didn’t get a chance to go. I suppose it’s like  another talk show though.


Image result for tokyo disney sea fastpassRaging Spirits

Hmm, I would give 3 stars out of 5 for scare. 360 degree roller coaster. I was the one screamed during the whole run.

Raging Spirits-1


Image result for tokyo disney sea fastpassThe Magic Lamp Theater

This was the only attraction that we didn’t wait for too long, however we realised yeah, there’s no need to wait for so long. So it is basically  a magic talk show. As it was shown in Jp, we couldn’t enjoy ourselves much I guess.

Image result for duffy bearCaravan Carousel

I had so much fun with this, but James wasn’t satisfied with kid games.








Apparently, it’s said this is must eat in disney. A tiger tail bun from Alatin. It tasted okay though.


Image result for tokyo disney sea fastpass20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

This took us 5 minutes to play this, but hmm,,,,, something for kid. We sit in a submarine for 10 minutes and imagined ourselves were under water.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-3


Image result for tokyo disney sea fastpassJourney to the Center of the Earth


Image result for journey to the center of the earth disneysea

This attraction is hiding in the volcano. I suppose this is the second popular attraction here, as we was in the queue for 1.5 hours. We fought and I was bursting on the half way of the long wait. Luckily, it wasn’t too scary, so I didn’t wet my pants.



Image result for tokyo disney sea fastpassToy Story Mania 

This is definitely something that makes you mania. LOL I mean you can just relax yourself in the game. So you basically sit on a truck and play with 3D glasses and start your shutting game. I could not stop smiling in the game as the atmosphere just made you so happy.



A story of us…..

There was a little sleepy boy with a mum behind us while we waited for the game for about an hour in the queue. The mum carried him and heavy bags, soon and later, she fell down on the ground. James and I helped her to carry her stuff then had a little chat with her. Surprisingly, the little boy is learning English ( he looks like he is 5 y/o), the mum was friendly and trying to make a conversation with us. In the end of the game, she asked us to take a photo with her son and commended the photo like a family. LOL  she must have no idea that we had fought with each other whole day.


Image result for tokyo disney sea fastpassIndiana Jones® Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull

This is unfortunately something we missed in out journey. We actually had fast pass for it, but I gave up as I preferred Toy story game. It looks like a type of game that James would love to go on.



In the end, we stayed there till it closed. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish everything. But I promise we will play everything again next time!!!!

Thanks my dear James, always be there for me and took me around in the world. 😀


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  1. I was in Tokyo in the summer… Went to Tokyo Disney, but not Tokyo Sea. Will definitely have to come back to Japan to experience it. 🙂

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