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Never over planned for your solo trip because you will never know what to expect during your journey.
This was the first time that we plan to meet each other in our destination, Tokyo, Japan. We purposely chose the flight that will land to Tokyo on the similar time, so we could just start our adventure sooner.

However, James just got told that his flight was cancelled few hours before check in!!!!!!!
What an unexpected surprise!
So literally it will be my solo trip for the first day.

4 am

I was waiting for my flight with heavy panda eyes. Looks like we will have nice weather in Tokyo.


I was reading a lot of info about JP on the plane and got a bit nervous of  language barrier that may come up to me.

About another 4 hours….

I am in JAPAN!! 😀


So my trip was started.

Here are some info for the people who is on their first visit in Tokyo.


NEX train

The discount is for foreigners only, the round trip price is 4000 yen which is a big saving.

The seats are quite more luxurious and faster than other transport. Further more you can get on the train with different station with the same price. There is also free for transferring to different JR line which is a very very reasonable charge.

24-72 hours pass ticket

This is very convenient for the visitors too.Unlimited Subway and Metro access for 24 – 72 hours depending on the type of tickets you purchase.

Suica Card

This idea is similar to e-wallet or opal card, so you recharge the money into your Suica card. Then it’s payable within most of things, such as transport, food, items in the shops too.



I was soon on NEX train that is pretty friendly for foreigners from Taiwan, Korea and other countries where speak English as the announcement was spoken in various languages.


3 pm

I arrived my first destination in Tokyo. (Note: JR line: Yoyogi Park)

Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine was built in 1920 for deified to Emperor Meiji and his wife, later it was destroyed during the second world war. The shrine is between Harajuku and Yoyogi station.

I love the setting of the shrine, standing nestled among huge trees, and how Japanese manages it to remain peaceful and clam although it is located in the centre of one of the busiest metropolis in Japan.

The only bad thing for solo trip for me is I still find it awkward to take selfie in front of others.

6 pm

I was walking around in Omotesando where the Chrismas illumination event was. Lots of luxurious stores and restaurants on the both side of street that just reminded me of Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Takoyaki  ★★★☆☆  550¥

My first meal in JP.

The texture was crispy which is perfect with mayonnaise on the top, however the soy sauce was  a bit salty to me.

As I can not really afford the things in Harajuku, soon and later I headed to Sihbuya where is more popular for the young.

I was looking forward to catch some kogyaru in shihbuya, coz this is what my impression for it.

Image result for 涉谷 109 辣妹

Unfortunately, everyone looks very normal.

I found another interesting side of JP which is people are really energetic and friendly in the shops, Japanese girls always give you the sweetest smile. Even me is falling love in them. LOL

10 pm

James was finally landed in JP , luckily Tokyo was still alive at night.  We had little exploration in 7-11 and found sth really tasty.

All in all, I am satisfied with the day, but not James though.

[Look at what we had in 7-11. The blog is coming soon.]

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