JP Ueno, Sensoji Shrine, Tokyo D5


D5 was my second favourite day in Tokyo. We had fun in shopping, dressing up, holding bunnies and nice Christmas dinner.




Let’s take a quick glance at our itinerary for today.



1st stop of the day….


Ameyoko Shopping Street, Ueno

Ueno has everything – market, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, department stores, parks, museums, and etc. It is the best place for cosmetic shopping particularly. The price is more affordable and friendly to me.

Please note the market started from 10 ish.

Our first meal of the day at 10 ish.


Crepes ★★★☆☆

The crepes tasted okay, we had pizza flavour, so I guess there’s never been wrong with tomato and cheese. LOL

crepes .jpg


The market was very crowed already in the morning. It’s a shame that we couldn’t buy sashimi and some other looked fresh seafood, or I really wanna give it a go.

We planned to stay there for 2 hours, however the plan had been changed until we went in Uniqlo. The price is a lot cheaper than it is in TW, plus you get tax free. We bought 2 jackets respectively. We even came back to Ueno again after dressing up as I realised the cosmetic is relevant cheap there. [Look at what I bought for cosmetic in the pharmacy here (The blog is coming soon)]



Sensoji Shrine

I suppose there’s nothing cooler than dressing up like a real JP and walking around the Shrine in JP. I surprisingly felt like the time has been pulled back to the old time in JP although there were lots of tourists next to us.

[Look at what our food adventure in Sensoji shrine here]


Haha, just pretending to be JP.

We walked around in the shrine and tried all different street food that apparently is popular on the stock. I took as many selfies as I could, on the other side, James was just being cold from the weather. Maybe it’s better to try on kimono in Summer rather than winter.

When we just browsing around the scene, I received an origami crane from a Japanese photographer in front of the Shrine after he asked to take a photo of me. I wish I gave him a satisfied pose. lol 

Oh man, I really wish he could teach James how to be a photographer. You know, sometimes is so hard to please him to take a nice photo of me. SAD


Bunny Cafe  ★★★★★


We chose 3500¥ /pp plan, hug unlimited bunnies without time limit.


Thanks for James’ insisting to come here, I guess there’s no one can resist bunnies.


They are just doing nothing except moving around their noses all day. I seriously can just watch them breathing whole day and it can just make me happy. LOL. Cookie is my favourite one.

After the experience, I really can’t wait to have my own bunny now.


Ginza Hinaiya Shiodome ★★★



Christmas dinner for us today wasn’t KFC, instead of getting chicken don and some BBQ together. Apparently, the restaurant was highly recommended.

We had nice sweet sake for the start. What we could see on the menu is all the dishes are made of chicken. So we ordered “Oyako” chicken and egg rice bowlThick Japanese omelette. The omelette was very tasty but I still prefer Paris omelette.


The chicken was very soft which is perfect match with the sauce and rice.

Soon after, we saw the chief started bbq cube pork in front of us, I guess this is the secret dish or jpese only from the menu. Anyway, we ordered one too, it was very delicious and tender.

James and I had a very simple Christmas eve, no Christmas party, Christmas tree, but we were both  satisfied from spending quality of time together. 😀

I guess we were so full by all random food today. XD


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