Happy Chinese new year!

Few days before Chinese new year, unfortunately I will be working night shift during the period this year.

Unlike any other businesses, we don’t usually have too many patients in the ward, because Chinese new year is the most important day for us, a new beginning of the year, no one wants to be sick in the hospital in the beginning of the new start.

I believe whoever has to stay in the hospital during the period is recalculated to be there.

On another words, whoever left in the hospital is normally in critical condition, so nurses have to be more careful on any factors from threatened patients.
Anyway, we are quite busy too although we have less patients in the ward.

But yeah, we still have to celebrating Chinese new year tho.

Let’s look at what I do before Chinese new year.


Chinese New Year Traditions

Annual cleaning

This is the most tiring job for the whole festival. Throwing out old stuff away, throwing away bad luck from the house. We aimed everything to look new in the house. After the cleaning, people will decorate the house to welcome the New Year. Most of the decorations are red in colour.

New Year Markets

The markets will be shout down for up to 5 days, so we have to store the food for the new year holiday. The price for everything is relatively more expensive, not like the discount sale in Christmas.

New Year’s Eve Dinner

The New Year’s Eve dinner is the most important dinner for the us, just like Christmas eve for western countries. But the main character for the dinner is not Jesus, it’s more about ourselves. Our family.  This can be the family reunion dinner, especially for those with family members away from home.



Red Packets

It used to be the best part during New year for me until I started working which means I have to be the one who gives away the red packets to my parents and grandparents.  The amount of money that yo give it away  could be various, normally is from NTD 3.6k to 12k, depends on how much you can afford it.

Visit temples for good luck


2017, is the year of rooster.

Rooster Years Are Unlucky for Roosters!

According to Chinese astrology, the year of one’s birth sign is the most unlucky year in the 12-year cycle.

In a year of your sign, horoscopes for all aspects of your life will not be very good. However, you can reverse fate by attention to the God of Age “star” and warding off bad luck.

So normally, you pay the temple to help you to get away from the bad lucks.(the activity is called “an tai sui“)


In the end, Happy Chinese New Year guys. 😀 Wish it will be a year with all good lucks around. 



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