Foodie mouth| Asakusa street food adventure 

We purposely starving ourselves for lunch in Sensoji Shrine as PPL had a bucket list for the yummy food.

If you like a snack food, this will be a heaven for you. LOL. So here we go!

Related image Asakusa menchi



Our first meal in Asakusa. The queue was pretty long, but the speed of serving was fast. Unlike Taiwan where allows you to eat while you walking, Japanese is more in manner in so many ways after all.
We had to finish our food in a little store next door before the next shop.

The pork coquette had crispy and thin skin outside which lock the juice inside of the skin layer. It was pretty hot when the juice came out that almost burn my tongue. If you want more flavour, you can add mustard sauce on the top
Overall, it was good start.

Asakusa Menchi

Address: 2-3-3 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo


Related imageMochi Dog (浅草 安心や)



This was just located next to Asakusa Menchi. Mochi dog is just Vienna sausage wrapped in mochi. I will say that it’s more of an interesting eat as such hotdogs usually comes wrapped in a bun or hotdog. Other than mochi dog, this shop is also popular for their “Sake Flavoured Ice Cream”.

Related imageASAKUSA KAGETSUDO メロンパン (花月堂)



Melon bread looks as what it called. We had green tea flavour which gave us a surprise after the first bite.It was ice cream texture inside of the crunchy cookie-like hot bread. The sweetness level is just right after all those yummy dessert. Not too sweet, but you still can taste the flavour.


Asakusa Kagetsudo

Address: 2-7-13 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo




Related imageAduma Kibi Dango



This is the best food we had in Asakusa, we ordered Japanese dumpling with a coup of warm sake. The sake warmed us up completely as we only worn thin kimoko and the day stared getting chill. The Japanese dumpling tasted like soft mochi warped with soy bean  powder (kinako) which was okay. 5 sticks of Japanese dumpling in a bag. I like the rabbit theme in the shop tho.


Aduma Kibi Dango

Address:  18-1 Asakusa 1-chome Taito-ku Tokyo




Related imageFunawa 舟和


Mm, this is something that I didn’t really enjoy it. I had a read bean dorayaki that was very dry and the red bean was too sweet. Both of us just couldn’t finish it.



Address: 1-22-10 Asakusa, Taito Ward, Tokyo





Related imageDaikokuya Tempura 

Image result for 大黑家

We didn’t try this one, but apparently it’s highly recommend online. This is famous for tempura don, but the queue was too long so we end up with street food trip.


 Daikokuya Tempura
Address: 1-38-10, Tokyo, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo


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