Life Update

Hey guys, I am semi back.

Sorry for the disappearance these days. I firstly would like to thank Vanessa ( the author of

wanderlustplusone )to nominate me for Bloggers Recognition Award. It is very honourable and meaningful for me as I don’t speak English as a first language. I have never thought there would be someone who is from the other side of world is reading my blog and (maybe) can actually understand my words.

Thanks Vanessa 😀

I will sit down and write a proper post about it later.

「Bloggers Recognition Award」的圖片搜尋結果


So what have I been doing lately???


Hmm, I am doing evening shift for this month which means my social life is pretty dead. I seriously feel like I am a caveman sometimes as I don’t have internet in the dorm. (SAD)


Here is a saying from nurses.

Day shift work, You own your health without wealthy.

Evening shift, you are rich without social active. (Because when you finish the shift, everyone is sleeping already)

Night shift, you pay for your health bills.


I personally it is appropriate to describe my current lifestyle. I wake up , brekkie, work, studying, sleep and wake up. A non-stop dead loop for February.


The only happiness that I could get is from my days off. I try to meet as many old friends as I can before I leave Taiwan.


Cathy, the girl from the top right, is a friend of mine who I haven’t met for over 10 years. She was shown up at work as a surprise. Unfortunately, we couldn’t talk much while I was busy at work.


Irene, Huei, and Jocy on the top left pic, we literally gossiped for 5 hours!!!!  Haha, I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what girls do. I really can’t wait to meet Jocy in Sydney later.


Apart from the non stop working life, I received the most considerable and sweetest email from my valentine, James. After all those years, the day for our future is not far away. So that I guess I can endure being separated one more year.



Thanks for my dear, that’s my Valentine’s gift 😛


What’s more! Lateran festival just passed. I took my mum for the light show and cooked sticky rice dumpling.

Rooster year for 2017.

February is short and goes faster than feels.  One more month to work then soon after I will be in Australia.




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Hi there. Jess here. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a dreamer,foodie,nurse, Gemini who loves travelling, cooking, reading and drawing. Here is my dream platform, please enjoy my story.

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