Jess chooses to fly.

Hey wordpress,

I have been absence for a month again.

5 days before flying to Australia, on another word, 5 days before I start my journey for my dream, being a qualified nurse in Australia. This is another reason that I wanted to start my blog, apart from recording my journey in the world, I would also like to record the hardest part in my life.

Some people may say nursing is a hard job, yes it is. But I always feel satisfied whenever I received appreciation from the patients and their family. Being reliable is always a great mission for me.

I believe that not everyone can open their heart easily to a stranger in the real life, but in the health care environment, people drop the distance and coldness away. All patients probably do not have choice to give their life onto the medical team.

Particularly, I enjoy the time that I can always use the knowledge from the book onto the patients. Of course, sometimes the patients just give us a lecture through their life that we can never learnt from books.

I appreciate all the moment that people choose to relay on me which is the best encouragement for me to stay in the industry.

Why do I leave Taiwan then?

Actually, I am very proud of the medical technique in Taiwan, it is very attachable, affordable, and well developed comparing to other Asain countries.

However, I am looking for a better quality of life and to prove myself being more specialised in nursing.

I have to say that although I am afraid of the unknown future, not 100% win situation, I still want to give myself a chance to try.

YOLO; You Only Live Once! 

I am looking forward to achieve this big dream and I will get the answer eventually in 4 months later.

Jess chooses to fly that is the meaning of this whole story.

Will update you guys very soon!

See you Melbourne!


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Jessica C

Hi there. Jess here. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a dreamer,foodie,nurse, Gemini who loves travelling, cooking, reading and drawing. Here is my dream platform, please enjoy my story.

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