#IRON week 3 Medication administration

Hey there,

How are you guys going?

I just realised there are plenty of public holidays in April here, eg. Good Friday, Easter Monday, and Anzac day.


I guess this is another reason that it makes this course more intensive. Lots of self study materials have to been through.

The bright sight of this is I feel much released on the 3rd week after finishing all my 20ish assignments which I was complaining about few weeks ago.

However, I wasn’t too satisfied at myself from the medication administration. I am too far behind the pharmacology which I should have put more effort in it.


So here is the differences that I observed from assessment.

All medications are stored in the draw that is right next to the patient’s bedside.

7 rights of medication administration ( 三讀五對 is called in Taiwan. )





And confirm the medication….

  • When removing the container from the cupboard
  • Before removing the medication from the container
  • Before returning the container to the cupboard


Identify the patient with wrist band, asking their full name.

The red wrist band means the patient is allergic to something, this must be confirmed with the patients all the time before administering the medication.


Overall, the general idea is the same. To assess the patient in regards to the medication, and always closely monitor the complication of the medication are the key to maintain the safety in nursing.


Hope you find this information helpful. For more details you can visit the Vlog, however again it’s spoken in Mandarin.  ( I will probably put the Eng subtitles when I have time for you.)







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