Melbourne Solo trip #Yes finally I am talking about traveling.

Hi there,

Sorry for the disturbing about talking too much serious nursing things in the past few weeks. Travel mode Jess is back for 2 hours from now. LOL

SO I finished my assignments earlier than I imagined that allows me to have a day off for a little explosion in Melbourne while all my friends are suffering from the homework.

The weather in Melbourne is more groomy and cloudy than Sydney, it’s said here is 4 seasons in a day which I can not agree more.


I felt its spring this morning.


Some nice flowers on the way.


These places in this article are all in walking distance or in the free tram zone in the Mel. I didn’t go into the places, instead taking a lot of selfies and practising my facial expression. (I know I look very awkward on the street. LOL) Well, I have to say, Mel is a very mixed cultural city, So you must be able to enjoy yourself in the scenes without spending lots of grand.



fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Melbourne Museum



This is a big exhibition centre located inside of Carlton Garden, and is right next to IMAX and royal exhibition centre.126662

My housemates just had picnic here the other day. There are a few chairs on the side of footpath, a good place to read a book.




Alongside the Nicolon st, you will see a big church on the left hand side.

St. Patrick Cathedral is a Mother Church of the Catholic Archdiocese.

fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128St. Patrick Cathedral

It opens to the public from 12-2 pm on Sun for sure, for other visiting hour please refer to their official web.




It is well designed in the Gothic style that the dome is quite similar to what I saw in the church in Prague.



It’s quite pity that I was late for the mass, but honourably, I was able to shake the hands with the preset and have a few words with him.

After the visiting, I just went around in the CBD.


Then guess what? I end up with going to the library. LOL

Well, I am a nerd in mel now. So plz allow me to keep nursing around my daily life. XD


fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Extras Foodie Jess

Of course, Cafe is another word that connects to Melbourne!



I was here with my friends the other day, Queen Arcade.

There is a must eat cafe!!!


fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Laurent Barbie

Address: 304-306 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000



This is the most delicious chocolate cake that I’ve ever had in my entire life!

The cake is very rich in chocolate, and when I had my first bite. The mousse-ish chocolate just melt in your mouth.

If you are heading to mel, this is sth you mustn’t miss!!


PS: $8.90 for a small cake.



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