IRON week 4 summary #Review ISBAR #Communication

Hi there,

I finally finished the last week of theory, time again amazingly flies faster than we realised. 1/3 of the course has passed, and there is an unknown future in front of me again.

My last week of IRON theory course was very tough, my mood went upside down like riding on a roller coaster.

Putting it all together was the last skill assessment which examined our communication skills and cooperation within the medical team.

I didn’t do well as I was confused  about what I can and can not do as a student nurse in the field. Thankfully, I clarified all my questions with my educator before a real accident happened in the clinical placement.

In more detail about the assessment, we were given a scenario of a deteriorating patient.

What you need to do as a student nurse is to recognise the critical markers and escalate the problems to your buddy nurse.

For example, if the patient drops her/ his BP, manually check the BP again and assess the conscious level, then immediately escalate to your buddy nurse/ nurse in charge or a doctor, depending on your role and the policies and procedures of your organisation.

Always remember to use ISBAR tool to communicate.

fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Review ISBAR : IRON clinical skill assessment review #ISBAR communication tool #Oxygen therapy


That was the big and treasurable lesson that I learnt from the mistake in the assessment.  So I hope this piece of information gives you who are practising as a nurse some ideas of fitting yourself in the medical team.


There will be 2 weeks break before my clinical placement, I will likely put more effort on my medical communication skills and pharmacologies knowledge.


Hopefully, I will success the registration here in the end.


For more information, please check my Vlog.




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