Foodie mouth| LT. NIC CAFE in MEL

Hey there,


It has been a very relax day after all the hard works completed.

Today I am going to share a very nice and yummy cafe in Melbourne where is also runned by my uncle.



Located in the Melbourne CBD, on the intersection of Lonsdale st and Swonston st.

Address: 262 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000


I like the atmosphere here, Just find a spot and enjoy the scene. It is very cosy with Free wifi and nice music in the background.

All day special was really good deal, $12 for sandwich with any coffee or drink.


I had BBQ chicken sandwich with hot chocolate.

The sandwich was so so nice, (100 times better than fast food), probably the best sandwich Ive had. The bread is really crunchy and the meats and salad is very fresh.



I think there is probably mayonnaise mixed with the chicken, but not sure what’s the secret inside the roll, the combination is so good, definitely is a special mayonnaise.

Hot chocolate is very rich. They also give you a piece of small cookies on the side.








Overall, it is really nice cafe. I thought hungry jack deal was the best, but no.

This is so much nicer with its value.


Very cosy!!


I can sit here all day. lol











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