“Blogger Recognition Award” is a great achievement for me, also it is a promise.

I actually received this unexpected award nomination from Wanderlustplusone by Venassa few months ago, unfortunately, I was stressed with the work at the time so that I couldn’t finish this post.

But but but… the time, I was very glad and excited to know that there’s someone on the other side of the world reading my story, in addition to giving me more confidence to work on it.

Wanderlustplusone is an awesome blog where has thousands and thousands of great photos, tips and adventures take you to discover different parts of the world. Yes, her blog is like a cruise boat. Also, the site suits someone who is planning to travel with children.

On the other hand, I would also thanks her all the likes and regular visit to my site, although I understand I’ve lately been posing a lot of nursing boring stories which may be a bit different topic for her field.


The rules for accepting this award are as follows:

  1. Give thanks to the person who had nominated you and a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Briefly tell how you started blogging.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award.
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How did I start blogging:

It used to be very popular to blog around back to my high school time, but I stopped it while the popularity faded. Just before my first solo trip in Europe, I found there is so much useful information online, lots of people sharing their experiences and tips with precious photos. That really inspires me, as I believe blogging can not only be a part of my memories but also can benefit others.

Nowadays, I am still trying to make my posts more informative and helpful to others, I realized my blog is, however, developing from my travel experience to more related to the professional field. If you take notice, it is still all about my life and sharing tips based on my personal experience.

It does always take time to make a proper post. Will I keep blogging? Yes, I will. I like to get more feedback and sharing the knowledge with others from all over the world.


 Two pieces of advice for new bloggers:

  1. This is your blog where you record everything that you would like to share with others, it can definitely be positive and negative. Don’t get struggling with how many views you have and how cool it should look like and etc. Just be yourself! The people who are in the same rhythm always understand you.
  2. Writing a blog consistently is a good way to train oneself’s persistence.



Loss (n) / Lose (v)

Loss (n) / Lose (v)


I was reading something about “lose” yesterday in “The yellow world” by Albert Espinoa who faced Osteosarcoma in his teenage time. He shared his story about what cancer has taught him, “loss” is one of the things. “


I was quite upset that my shift was canceled because of the induction in the other hospital today because that means I will earn less this week. Thus, all the negativities were just waved away when I arrived the hospital. I was so amazed and stunned. The hospital looks so big, new, hmm,, or I would say it looks smart! The most amazing thing happened was when the lady handed a consent form for working in ED. On the other words, they may assign me to ED one day.


I was screaming in my mind “THAT’S SO COOL!!!’


I am so excited and astonished for whatever is going to happen on my nursing journey in Australia. Every day and every shift are challenges.


At the time what Dave, my priest, said to us last week just lightened up in my mind “ Which stage of the time that God set for us are you at? “ Hmm,  I am in my learning stage, I believe.


Well, all I want to remind myself today is that all the pains and hard works are starting paid off now, I need to always remember to look at what I have on hands and keep it positive.


Jess Journey in Aus to be continued….


Nursing Note|Bronchodilator

Just sharing my note for Bronchodilator

The page number is based on “Nursing Guide to Drugs 9th edition” by Adriana Tiziani

Havard's Nursing Guide to Drugs - 9th Edition - ISBN: 9780729541411, 9780729581622

Havard’s Nursing Guide to Drugs 9th E

Authors: Adriana Tiziani Adriana Tiziani
eBook ISBN: 9780729581622
Paperback ISBN: 9780729541411
Imprint: Mosby Australia
Published Date: 28th June 2013
Page Count: 1224



LA= long acting

Ipratropium Atroventp104   Anti-mAch
Tiotropium Spiriva p105 18mcg/cap Anti-mAch/ LA

Insert the capsule into the Handihaler device.

Salbutamol Ventolin p98 2.5mg β2 agonisit/ Acute, affect HR
Salmeterol+ Fluticasone Seretide p103 500/50 β2 agonisit/ LA
Terbutaline Bricanyl p103   β2 agonisit/ prophylaxis
Budisonide Pulmicort p114   Corticosteroid/ Rinse mouth
Eformoterol+ Budisonide Symbicort 400/12  







Nerdy Jess|讀書心得。排練一場旅行/世界是你犯錯最佳舞台。


2007/07/03 Aged 17.

My first time to visit Sydney Australia with lots of imagination.

2017/07/03 Aged, 27.

I am here and speak different language to start my another journey.



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Foodie mouth| LT. NIC CAFE in MEL

Hey there,


It has been a very relax day after all the hard works completed.

Today I am going to share a very nice and yummy cafe in Melbourne where is also runned by my uncle.

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#IRON WK 9-10, medical ward , palliative care in Aus

I’m glad that it’s the 4th weeks now, 2more weeks to go. I can tell that I’m “this” close to my achievement now.

This week, I’m allocated to medical ward where I can find nursing in myself.

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#IRON WK 7-8, I’m still breathing-  Routine for nurses in the ward. 

Hi there,

I’m allocated to an orthopaedics ward that made me very anxious as I’m a medical nurse, however, 2 weeks later, I’m still breathing.

As a surgical ward, it is very fast and busy. People come and go. There could be 8 discharges and 5 admissions in a day. So just need to speed up yourself. Work is more like running on a treadmill.
The ratio of nurses to patients is about 2:8~12 , depending on the number of discharges.

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5 MUST use App for nursing students!!

Today I am going to share my top 5 apps for nursing students.

Those apps can be really helpful for someone who doesn’t speak English or is lack of working experiences.

So let’s check it out 😀

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IRON week 4 summary #Review ISBAR #Communication

Hi there,

I finally finished the last week of theory, time again amazingly flies faster than we realised. 1/3 of the course has passed, and there is an unknown future in front of me again.

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Melbourne Solo trip #Yes finally I am talking about traveling.

Hi there,

Sorry for the disturbing about talking too much serious nursing things in the past few weeks. Travel mode Jess is back for 2 hours from now. LOL

SO I finished my assignments earlier than I imagined that allows me to have a day off for a little explosion in Melbourne while all my friends are suffering from the homework.

The weather in Melbourne is more groomy and cloudy than Sydney, it’s said here is 4 seasons in a day which I can not agree more.


I felt its spring this morning.


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#IRON week2 BLS Oz version

It has been a crazy busy week for the week 2. 7 assignments and 3 skill assessments. The work seems like it can never be finished.

Not surprisingly that everything is always slightly different here.

BLS stands for Basic Life Support, as many of us probably very familiar with it.

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IRON clinical skill assessment review #ISBAR communication tool #Oxygen therapy


Before I turn on my study mode, I just would love to share my little experience here today.


I mave have mentioned before that Clinical assessment or I would call it PE is very important in the medical settings. Because this is one of essential skill to find out the problems before the critical situation shown.

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IRON @summary week 1/ General info for living in Melbourne

Hey there,

I still can’t believe it has been a week now. Time also goes fast, doesn’t it?

Well, this is a very intensive course. I am just like everyone else in the class being very stressed, and didn’t eat well. (unfortunately, I haven’t lost any weight yet). I have been studied for 10 hours a day and here is 20 more assignments need to be done in the following weeks.

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IRON course independence in Nursing in OZ.

​D3 @ IRON course
So far, we have learnt about doing a physical assessment in oz way. Nursing is really independent here, they can prescribe panadol,  oxygen, urinanalysis under her professional assessment. 
I’m still finding my way to fit in the shose.

[RN Road] The big picture for the future

Hey guys, I have got the ticket for my AUS RN Journey after getting OET B, the most important part in my life.

I am on the cross road of my life, eventually, I chose to do the hard way. I know my life will be up side down in this mysterious island in the south.

Its said we cant change the past but we can create the future.

This post will update regularly till I work as an RN officially in Australia.

Time Frame for my journey

Hope I will reveal the good news soon.

「anyone can be anything zootopia」的圖片搜尋結果

Jess chooses to fly.

Hey wordpress,

I have been absence for a month again.

5 days before flying to Australia, on another word, 5 days before I start my journey for my dream, being a qualified nurse in Australia. This is another reason that I wanted to start my blog, apart from recording my journey in the world, I would also like to record the hardest part in my life.

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Getaway| Trip planning in Nantou, Taiwan. #Monster village #Sun moon lake #Lotus Forest

We actually visited all those places in different times, but if you only have limited time in Taiwan, then I suggest you can go all those places in one go.

Let’s see the map first! Imagining Taiwan is a kind of potato and sitting in the middle of East-Asia. Nantou then is the heart of the potato, the only city isn’t next to the ocean in Taiwan.

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