Foodie mouth|East West Buffet

Today I am going to share a very good bargain buffet in Sydney.

I cant believe there is a nice buffet with very reasonable prices in expensive Sydney.

Well, just for your information, please allow me to give you some details of the price of buffet in Taiwan.

The very basic buffet, I mean the cheapest one, costs about $300-400 NTD, which is $10-15 AUD, whereas the meal in food court in Sydney charges about $ 8-10 AUD, and the buffet is a least $40+ normally.

HOWEVER, we bought the deal from groupon on the other day, and it cost us $14 each person for the dinner buffet. ($11pp for lunch). We were originally quite worried about the quality and limited variable dishes in the restaurant, although it presented so well in their ad.



Apart from the worries, I was still looking forward to the dinner because there is a BUFFET SUSHI TRAIN!!!

Last Sunday, we arrived there just on time, 5:30pm, however, there was a queue already. Luckily, I made a reservation in advance.

We browsed around the restaurant with curiosity and surprise because its not a trick, its a really good bargain.

They have everything and the food combines the eastern and western style, salad, main course, dessert , and drink. We started planing our buffet menu in our head and grabbing as much as yummy food into our plates until we both looked pregnant and felt stomach cramps.


Here are the dishes I had on that day:



Sushi plate


Unlimited meats!!



Another sushi plate 😀


Yummy dessert

I know we missed a lot of nice food there, but we really couldn’t put anything into our stomachs. (SAD)

The best section I love is the sushi train, I ate maybe 5 plates of sushi in total. (FAT)

I also enjoyed the chocolate fudge and the pancake.

Btw, while I was waiting my sushi, I couldnt believe that James had eaten 3 big dishes of pipes!!

:0 :0 :0

However not everything there is delicious, I personally dont like deep fried food there, its tasteless sometimes.

The restaurant was packed that night. Overall the food is good and its a gd bargain.

I will rate it as 3.5 out of 5.

We enjoyed ourselves in the dinner and of course I was very guilty after a big meal which led me forced myself to exercise one hour at that night and James and I determinate not to binge for a while.


fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128[The information of the restaurant]

East West Official Web

Address: Second ave, Blacktwon, NSW ( in RSL)

Phone: 96214677

NOTE: Because we bought the deal on groupon, its only$14 pp, the original price should be $ 25 for dinner. Please see their web for the accurate price.