[RN Road] The big picture for the future

Hey guys, I have got the ticket for my AUS RN Journey after getting OET B, the most important part in my life.

I am on the cross road of my life, eventually, I chose to do the hard way. I know my life will be up side down in this mysterious island in the south.

Its said we cant change the past but we can create the future.

This post will update regularly till I work as an RN officially in Australia.

Time Frame for my journey

Hope I will reveal the good news soon.

「anyone can be anything zootopia」的圖片搜尋結果


Crazy day of my Nurse dead life

I have to make a note of my deadest day at work today as I feel like every patients were out of control here.

I started my work at 7:30 a.m so I had to get up at 6, unfortunately I fall asleep at 2a.m.. With lacking sleep mode, I still dragged my dead body to the ward. Simply greeted to my patients after hang over


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