My first Easter show [2013]

Hi guys, here I am again.

Hmm , or I should say I’m back to my small country ,Taiwan, again :/

Welcome back to LDR again guys. I hate working a lot and doing LDR. It’s like the hell~~~


Well, I have to acknowledge that I did have a great Easter this time,although I came to syd with wrong time . Honestly it’s the best Easter ever (because this was my the only one lol), I had a lot of fun and memorable experience.

Okay let me share my Easter to you 🙂


Hehe, we went to the second hand book store in Newtown before we started our Easter show. I got my first English nursing book with a gd price here. 😀Camera 360

We then took the train from central to Olympic Park. (The train is FREE public transportation during Easter) which only took about 15 to 20 mins to get there.

We were apparently the only passengers on the train, ya bi 🙂


We then soon became the smartest couple there coz of the umbrella  with UV free afternoon. I’m really scared of being dark moreover my bf is worried about getting skin cancer.I know I found it weird that people use umbrella in summer in western country, but I suppose this is why skin cancer is more common in those country.


Our first stop was……..

the TOILET, lol cant believe it right, but en, its true.

Next, I saw a lot countless show bags, food and some cosplayers there. I also saw some fishes in a huge tank for the dealer showing how well their fishing equipment works. Honestly, I was really worried about the fish was going to be cooked under the 32-33 degrees. But well, I didn’t think there was anyone who was interested in his fishing show.


Later, I tried some oz lolly which didn’t turn as delicious as I imaged. OMG! I really have no idea of that freaking black yuck thing.


We then met some adorable animal friends, such as ducks, ham, sheep and so on, in the indoor farm.

After a few more walks, we started getting a bit tiring of the travelling Easter show, especially when I saw the most non-recycle traditional oz wood chopping competition,. You can’t imagine how much wood chips they consumed that makes me feel sorry for the cleaner.


Next stop, we were unexpectedly attended Woolies chef show. Guess what! We got the FREE food. (Sorry I’m always surprised that you can get something for free in Aus)
The master chief magically turned tuna into a delicious dish in front of us.  The food is beautiful, especially it’s free.



After few trying we went to samsung shop to leave our photo in the ph, but eventually they deleted our photos :/ (unhappy)

Our day ended with the most excited thing was we went to the freaking scary roller coaster which made me alsmost SPEW >< . It was scary but when I think back now it was fun lol





Finally, I would like to thank to my dear for this unforgettable amazing Easter experience. Love you and Happy our anniversary and Easter ❤