Ghiblis Annimation Exhibition 2016

Ghiblis Annimation Exhibition 2016

If you have no idea what is Ghiblis, I may suggest you to click the youtube video before you start reading my blog. It may bring you some memories while you hear the songs.

I was looking forward to coming this exhibition for a couple of month which started from the mid of June.

Finally James is here, so I can enjoy myself more. (I am not sure if you guys sometimes just can’t be yourself when you actually want to request more photos from your friends)
Anyway, James rarely says No to me. 😀


Although it was a cloudy day, it didn’t effect us too much. There were still lots of people, but I’m sure its less people now comparing to few months ago.

We only waited 15minutes to go in.


Howl’s moving castle


This is one of my favorite movie. The author knows how to take us into his magical world.


Parco Rosso

I actually didn’t watch this movie before, so we skipped it through very quickly. Lol
Kiki’s delivery service
There’s no way that people don’t know Kiki!! I have probably watched this for 100 times. I like how pure love they have in the story.


My neighbour Totoro

Totoro is probably the most famous animation from Ghbuli. Can you find the dust creature.

Pom poko


Princess Mononoke




About the exhibition

Ghiblis exhibition

Opening hour:08:30-21:00 (till 18/09)

Address:Haushan 1914 Creative park, Taipei

Official web:

Suggest duration: 3 hours
Ticket Price: $350