Foodie mouth| Asakusa street food adventure 

We purposely starving ourselves for lunch in Sensoji Shrine as PPL had a bucket list for the yummy food.

If you like a snack food, this will be a heaven for you. LOL. So here we go!

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A place called happiness, Disney sea, Tokyo

Disney Sea is definitely a place called happiness for me. There is a magical spell cast in the whole land. I could just feel happy when I saw the mickey mouse on the shuttle bus to the main land.


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TLC Taipei Picnic Day


I had an enjoyable afternoon with friends for my first picnic experience with TLC in 2016.
Here are some tips for someone who hasn’t had picnic yet.



fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Before the picnic

The first step for the date is to check up with your guest list.

Provide a related link and map for your guest.

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Getaway| 礁溪Jiaoxi 四圍城堡Lanyoung Railway

We visited Yilan, Taiwan last week and had lots of fun and have built new memories together.

Jiaoxi (礁溪) is one of a suburb in Yilan.






fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128About the transportation

As we didn’t have a car, we went everywhere with the public transport.

we trained to Jiaoxi station

The other thing that I like about this city is that busses normally come on time, there’s really small chances of missing your bus.


Please be aware that most of the busses don’t run on the weekend.

fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Where to visit?

Lanyoung Railway 四圍城堡

Take R1 from 礁溪 train station.

Address:No. 72, Sec 7, Jiao Xi Rd., Yi Lan Xian 262



This place has exhibited Shaun the sheep at the moment where it used to be Harry Potter theme.

It’s a restaurant and some little shops surrounding.



fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128About the food

Yilan is famous for suck, scallions, pork stick and so on. (Also check “must eat in Longdong night market)

We had a special version of duck pizza and pearl milk tea pudding for lunch.

Duck pizza

It taste quite nice as your rarely can tell it’s a duck. The sauce is perfectly match cheese and vegetables. The 9there thing we like about it is the bread is thin one resulting in easier bites for us.

Pearl milk tea pudding
We ordered this is because James is a big fan of pearl milk tea, however this taste funny. It’s not a pudding. The texture is more like mousse with lots of pearl on the top. The only thing I like about this is the Shaun sheep chocolate. Lol

So just avoid this dessert then you will be fine.
We enjoyed the scene there a lot. Every corner is dedicated. I reckon here is a right place for kids or someone like me who love cute things.

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Foodie mouth|East West Buffet

Today I am going to share a very good bargain buffet in Sydney.

I cant believe there is a nice buffet with very reasonable prices in expensive Sydney.

Well, just for your information, please allow me to give you some details of the price of buffet in Taiwan.

The very basic buffet, I mean the cheapest one, costs about $300-400 NTD, which is $10-15 AUD, whereas the meal in food court in Sydney charges about $ 8-10 AUD, and the buffet is a least $40+ normally.

HOWEVER, we bought the deal from groupon on the other day, and it cost us $14 each person for the dinner buffet. ($11pp for lunch). We were originally quite worried about the quality and limited variable dishes in the restaurant, although it presented so well in their ad.



Apart from the worries, I was still looking forward to the dinner because there is a BUFFET SUSHI TRAIN!!!

Last Sunday, we arrived there just on time, 5:30pm, however, there was a queue already. Luckily, I made a reservation in advance.

We browsed around the restaurant with curiosity and surprise because its not a trick, its a really good bargain.

They have everything and the food combines the eastern and western style, salad, main course, dessert , and drink. We started planing our buffet menu in our head and grabbing as much as yummy food into our plates until we both looked pregnant and felt stomach cramps.


Here are the dishes I had on that day:



Sushi plate


Unlimited meats!!



Another sushi plate 😀


Yummy dessert

I know we missed a lot of nice food there, but we really couldn’t put anything into our stomachs. (SAD)

The best section I love is the sushi train, I ate maybe 5 plates of sushi in total. (FAT)

I also enjoyed the chocolate fudge and the pancake.

Btw, while I was waiting my sushi, I couldnt believe that James had eaten 3 big dishes of pipes!!

:0 :0 :0

However not everything there is delicious, I personally dont like deep fried food there, its tasteless sometimes.

The restaurant was packed that night. Overall the food is good and its a gd bargain.

I will rate it as 3.5 out of 5.

We enjoyed ourselves in the dinner and of course I was very guilty after a big meal which led me forced myself to exercise one hour at that night and James and I determinate not to binge for a while.


fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128[The information of the restaurant]

East West Official Web

Address: Second ave, Blacktwon, NSW ( in RSL)

Phone: 96214677

NOTE: Because we bought the deal on groupon, its only$14 pp, the original price should be $ 25 for dinner. Please see their web for the accurate price.