How to grab your roommate’s cat when she’s not at home.

Haha, I know it sounds funny with this topic, but you know people always like to take off their polite-like mask when your roommate is at work. XD



I had an amazing roommate before who has great sense of humours, polite, creative, a real chef and HAS A CAT. Her cat named Ginger, like what she coloured.

Ginger isn’t as friendly as dogs, however she is like any animals including humans that can not resist to yummy food. lol Hence, that was the only way I could be her best friend when Chelsea, my roommate, wasn’t home.


lol Look at her unhappy face


Another tips for playing with her is that things with feather. She isn’t a super fan for the feather gadget, but it sometimes work. I feel like I enjoy the game than Ginger does in some occasion. lol



Last one, being cold to her.

Ginger just like every Gemini girl, eg. Jess,  the more passionate you are, the less attention you will get from her.

I sometimes like alright I won’t bother you today and locked my door, then she realised how boring she would be without me. So she started to scratched my door, finally jumped to my bed and mewing to me.


As she knows she got me, the she put her cold face to me again. lol I hate her sometimes….2014-09-01_19-18-48_818437_orglogo


Finally, I would say her top lover is always Chelsea, whenever she heard the door opened, she ran to her immediately.


But thanks to Chelsea for letting me had a nice exp with cat and trained her so well as not to poo everywhere in the house and still be a friend of mine. 😀