Next journey for James

 2013 is a big year for James as he finally finished his degree.

It’s my first time to attend a graduation ceremony overseas, so I suppose I was more excited than him. Lol 
We were almost late for the ceremony because we had a trouble with getting a parking spot.
His school was like couples of acres big I suppose. I was semi-running with my almost broken high hills to the church right next to the church, the ceremony place.

 The whole process of the ceremony was quite sately. I like how everyone can go on the stage and shake hands with their professors. In Taiwan, there’s only one who presents for the class can go on the stage. Unfortunately, I didn’t have this great honor in my whole life. (Sad)

So what is the must do for the graduated? Throwing your hat!!!!



In the end of the day, I can’t remember what we had for dinner for the celebration. However, I will always be very proud of my dear that he jumped to the next stage of his life.