Getaway| wild JJ Peats ridge [2016]

Peats ridge is a small town on the way back to Sydney through pacific highway. We found a very cool cottage on airbnb where has everything ready for us to be wild. 😀

Collagepets ridgelogo


Unfortunately, we didn’t realise being wild means cutting off the connection with outside world. Poor  receptions for phones and without Wifi access, yes, that’s the place we gonna stay for two days.

I enjoyed cooking, baking there though. We had nice pizza and some side dishes with red wine for our first night.


There were plenty diamonds breaking the darkness in the sky, the hundreds of stars was shining and dancing in front of us. James took his new telescope and taught me how to look for our favorite planet, Saturn, and southern cross.I know, I know, he just knows how to be extremely romantic. XD


Next day, we then went abseiling in Glenworth valley which was absolutely a fun adventure for us, however we were still scared of wild spider or snacks running around in the nature.


fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128 Glenworth Valley

Official website:

Price for abseiling: AUD 90 per person for 2 hours, includes 3 rounds of abseiling , introduction & gear hiring.

Suggest duration: 3+ hours


Glenworth valley was really big, I was wondering to go kayaking, unfortunately, we couldn’t go as there’s a minimum people for the activity. Anyways, I did have a great time there and just enjoyed the nature.

Abseiling was really cool, it has a similar ideal of rock climbing, instead of climbing upward on the rock, we went up to the top of small cliffs first then jumping down but tried to attached the cliff as close as possible. The activity is very safe, you have to put on a helmet and dual safety locks with ropes around your waist, the instructors would side of the rope and you have another side. Both of you can easily control the speed and safety. There are two ways you can go for, backward which is for beginners and face down rundown ( I definitely would not do it though.), but it really depends on your skill and encouragement.




It’s definitely an awesome and fun activity for someone who loves outdoor and nature.


Brisbane water national park was our next stop. (I know it sounds weird that “Brisbane” national park is in NSW.)


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fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Brisbane Water national park [link]

Free access, but parking free is $8 per day

Suggest duration: 2- 3 hours


We just drove around in the national park then headed back to Sydney with 3 hours driving in the bad traffic for the ending of our honeymoon trip.