Europe| Paris Day 3

[Day 3, everything is close on the new year day]

As expected, most of shops are closing on 1/1. We just went around the landmarks in Paris and had our first Michelle in our life.

hmm, first stop of the day was Sacré-Cœur . there were plenty of army guys with guns. Anyways we visited the most places with out lovely tripod and had French Kiss.

James took me to a nice Michelin restaurant. I had the best mashed potato and Foie Gras in my life. Thanks to my sweet heart dear ❤
hmm, I gave this restaurant 5 stars our of 5 as I can taste how much work they have done for each dish. We sort of overthought about going high class place, I rarely saw people who dress up formally except us in that restaurant. lol

After nice lunch, we then went around in the city with our big-bargain Navigo card. However,James wasn’t really happy at me again cause we walked too much in the winds and I requested for too many repeated photos. 😦

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We than head back to our hotel for a rest before our little adventure at night. Unfortunately, we finally got rain at night, so we could not go any further places. As it’s a public holiday, not many shops were open either. We then grab French style kebab which tasted the same.
We slept early for our next exploration tomorrow.

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