Sydney skies

People who often visit my office are quite amazed at the view and they can’t help but take photos of the view..
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A list of things to do in Sydney part 2

Continuing from my old post found here

4) Gould’s Book Arcade
Now this is a really cool second hand book store that has literally hundreds of shelves and shelves of second hand books. If you’re interested in grabbing a bargain, finding something interesting to read or just to browse around something different. Pop down to Newtown and check these guys out.

Camera 360

I almost always end up buying something, Jess probably would too but she doesn’t have much space in Taiwan so we often have to leave it here in Sydney until she comes next year!

Camera 360

5) Pho An in Bankstown
Given I’m Vietnamese, we’re bound to have Pho some time, although we haven’t had a bowl together recently! For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s the most popular Vietnamese dish worldwide and probably the first thing that would come to mind when thinking about Vietnam.

Unfortunately we didn’t take a photo of the actual dish itself but the expression on our faces should be able to tell you the review! Extremely fast service and large servings, price is a little higher than what’d you expect if you were from Cabramatta but overall a good place to try!


6) Christmas lights hunting
This is a tradition in Australia particularly in Sydney during Early December to Mid January each year. This probably doesn’t happen as much as it did before simply because of rising electricity prices but still, it is quite popular and people do get into the spirit!

The thing to do is to check this website for the latest locations and participants each year!

Probably the most famous place is in Ryde, there’s a street there which is full of houses who light up the entire street. Best to get a comfortable car and ready to get some late night food!

Animals again – this time at the farm!

As you guys may realise that James and I are animal lovers. Unfortunately I can not keep any animals at home as some of my family members are allergic to them, however, my luckiest bf has lots of animals at home which I enjoy the chance of getting close to them.

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Hot air balloon exp



Hot air balloon! sounds so exciting by its name right? I am probably the only one person who brought a swimsuit for the first hot air balloon experience. You may ask me why I brought that. It’s because James told me we were going to the beach at 5 a.m. LOL I know I know, it sounds ridiculous, but en, I believed him.I realised that I was actually flying in the air at very last second. It was another surprise for me.

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10 things about Australia

‘Australia’, a word originally from Latin means a southern island, “a  big land dominated south in pacific ocean”



2007, I was 17, the first time I visit this mystery country in the south, I looked at the sky and southern cross was upon me, then my journey has begun.

Here are 10 things I think about Australia or I may say Sydney.


  • Common language, English? Mandarin?

Alright, as everyone knows, English should be the most used language in Australia, however I found out an interesting trend in Sydney city. The ratio of Western people to Asian is like 5 :5 now. For those Chinese who are anxious about language barrier in overseas, I would definitely say…”don’t worry mate, you will survive. you can hear Mandarin everywhere in every corner”

  • Kangaroo is a real foodie


The reason that I make this comment for kangaroos is they just know how to be picky on food, especially the one in reptile park. lol Reptile park has an open area for kangaroos jumping around, don’t worry! They are all friendly, so that everyone can be intimate with them by yummy grass, hmmm, I should have said the yummiest grass. If you love animals, I would highly recommend you to visit reptile park where is about 1.30 hour away from Sydney.

  • Why do they sell crocodile and rabbit meat in the market 😦

I still don’t know how people are able to chew crocodile meats as I imagine crocodiles have tough skin which should be best for a wallet instead of someone’s dinner.In addition, you just can’t cook little cute bunny!!! Look at their innocent face and adorable face.

Image result for bunny nose gif

  • Blue Sky + beach = the best getaway for weekends

When I say blue sky, it means blue CLEAN sky without any clouds. Isn’t that amazing?

Image result for sydney

I know it also means high UV, but oh what ever, JJ need another getaway for our stressed unhappy life. lol


  • Dry hot summer like an oven

It was like 35+ degree everyday.

  • Great sense of humour

Most Australians that I met in my journey are generally friendly and hospitable. They make jokes and you can hear laughter most of the time .

  • Australian just know how to drive on the road

You guys may disagree with me from this point as I heard lots of ppl complaining about Sydney traffic, BUT I wound say if you have ever driven or even walked on the street in Asia, you wound definitely appreciate it more. LOL

Too many scooters on the road and everyone follows their own rules on the road. No one let you go first really. I recently just got a bad car accident which I got hit by a car. look at my scooter Sydneysiders!!!


  • NRL is the most exciting exercise

Don’t ask me why I like it. lol Just grabbing a nice cup of beer and enjoy yourself with friends and watching the show in the bar.

  • Coles & Woolies have 50% off deal every week


Image result for coles woolworths half price

  • Why do you need to get petrol by yourself

It’s very very odd for me, people do this to me in the petrol station, even you ride a scooter! When I think about it again, yes, it may be cheaper for the dealer to save the cost from employment, but they must don’t have an idea of that not everyone knows how to use that machine. Oh well, I am the one.


Alright, here are few things that I think about Aus. What’s yous ?

Travel| 3years anniversary in blue mountain

What first comes to your mind when you hear blue mountains?

I would never guess horse riding. But yes, we went to do horse riding for our 3rd anniversary in 2014.



Although I forgot the name of my horse, let’s name him Oscar for now. He was beautiful and naughty. He walked waddling and took me on another route for his yummy leafs for breaky, I almost screamed out when the branch of a tree almost hit my face. I then soon moved my head without harm. That’s why it’s important to wear helmet.




What makes this trip memorable and exciting? It is you are literally riding them. they take you up to the hill then down to the bottom in the village for an hour, the road wasn’t smooth, or I may say it wasn’t that comfortable at all.  Hence, you need to find a way to stay in a harmony with the nature.
James and I both enjoy it a lot.its a lovely day.


After a long ride, we have romantic picnic with lots of animals surrounding in the backyard of the counter.wp-1471050570508logo


Next destination : Jenolan cave



Foodie mouth|East West Buffet

Today I am going to share a very good bargain buffet in Sydney.

I cant believe there is a nice buffet with very reasonable prices in expensive Sydney.

Well, just for your information, please allow me to give you some details of the price of buffet in Taiwan.

The very basic buffet, I mean the cheapest one, costs about $300-400 NTD, which is $10-15 AUD, whereas the meal in food court in Sydney charges about $ 8-10 AUD, and the buffet is a least $40+ normally.

HOWEVER, we bought the deal from groupon on the other day, and it cost us $14 each person for the dinner buffet. ($11pp for lunch). We were originally quite worried about the quality and limited variable dishes in the restaurant, although it presented so well in their ad.



Apart from the worries, I was still looking forward to the dinner because there is a BUFFET SUSHI TRAIN!!!

Last Sunday, we arrived there just on time, 5:30pm, however, there was a queue already. Luckily, I made a reservation in advance.

We browsed around the restaurant with curiosity and surprise because its not a trick, its a really good bargain.

They have everything and the food combines the eastern and western style, salad, main course, dessert , and drink. We started planing our buffet menu in our head and grabbing as much as yummy food into our plates until we both looked pregnant and felt stomach cramps.


Here are the dishes I had on that day:



Sushi plate


Unlimited meats!!



Another sushi plate 😀


Yummy dessert

I know we missed a lot of nice food there, but we really couldn’t put anything into our stomachs. (SAD)

The best section I love is the sushi train, I ate maybe 5 plates of sushi in total. (FAT)

I also enjoyed the chocolate fudge and the pancake.

Btw, while I was waiting my sushi, I couldnt believe that James had eaten 3 big dishes of pipes!!

:0 :0 :0

However not everything there is delicious, I personally dont like deep fried food there, its tasteless sometimes.

The restaurant was packed that night. Overall the food is good and its a gd bargain.

I will rate it as 3.5 out of 5.

We enjoyed ourselves in the dinner and of course I was very guilty after a big meal which led me forced myself to exercise one hour at that night and James and I determinate not to binge for a while.


fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128[The information of the restaurant]

East West Official Web

Address: Second ave, Blacktwon, NSW ( in RSL)

Phone: 96214677

NOTE: Because we bought the deal on groupon, its only$14 pp, the original price should be $ 25 for dinner. Please see their web for the accurate price.

My first Easter show [2013]

Hi guys, here I am again.

Hmm , or I should say I’m back to my small country ,Taiwan, again :/

Welcome back to LDR again guys. I hate working a lot and doing LDR. It’s like the hell~~~


Well, I have to acknowledge that I did have a great Easter this time,although I came to syd with wrong time . Honestly it’s the best Easter ever (because this was my the only one lol), I had a lot of fun and memorable experience.

Okay let me share my Easter to you 🙂


Hehe, we went to the second hand book store in Newtown before we started our Easter show. I got my first English nursing book with a gd price here. 😀Camera 360

We then took the train from central to Olympic Park. (The train is FREE public transportation during Easter) which only took about 15 to 20 mins to get there.

We were apparently the only passengers on the train, ya bi 🙂


We then soon became the smartest couple there coz of the umbrella  with UV free afternoon. I’m really scared of being dark moreover my bf is worried about getting skin cancer.I know I found it weird that people use umbrella in summer in western country, but I suppose this is why skin cancer is more common in those country.


Our first stop was……..

the TOILET, lol cant believe it right, but en, its true.

Next, I saw a lot countless show bags, food and some cosplayers there. I also saw some fishes in a huge tank for the dealer showing how well their fishing equipment works. Honestly, I was really worried about the fish was going to be cooked under the 32-33 degrees. But well, I didn’t think there was anyone who was interested in his fishing show.


Later, I tried some oz lolly which didn’t turn as delicious as I imaged. OMG! I really have no idea of that freaking black yuck thing.


We then met some adorable animal friends, such as ducks, ham, sheep and so on, in the indoor farm.

After a few more walks, we started getting a bit tiring of the travelling Easter show, especially when I saw the most non-recycle traditional oz wood chopping competition,. You can’t imagine how much wood chips they consumed that makes me feel sorry for the cleaner.


Next stop, we were unexpectedly attended Woolies chef show. Guess what! We got the FREE food. (Sorry I’m always surprised that you can get something for free in Aus)
The master chief magically turned tuna into a delicious dish in front of us.  The food is beautiful, especially it’s free.



After few trying we went to samsung shop to leave our photo in the ph, but eventually they deleted our photos :/ (unhappy)

Our day ended with the most excited thing was we went to the freaking scary roller coaster which made me alsmost SPEW >< . It was scary but when I think back now it was fun lol





Finally, I would like to thank to my dear for this unforgettable amazing Easter experience. Love you and Happy our anniversary and Easter ❤