Getaway| Trip planning in Nantou, Taiwan. #Monster village #Sun moon lake #Lotus Forest

We actually visited all those places in different times, but if you only have limited time in Taiwan, then I suggest you can go all those places in one go.

Let’s see the map first! Imagining Taiwan is a kind of potato and sitting in the middle of East-Asia. Nantou then is the heart of the potato, the only city isn’t next to the ocean in Taiwan.

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When you have a daytrip in Jinshan,Taiwan without a car.金山

I believe the most comfortable and easiest way to travel around is going anywhere by a car, rather then carrying luggage during the trip.

However, I don’t have a car. Here are some tips for people who intend to make your trip with less troubles in transportation.

Today’s destination is……Jinshan where located in the up north in Taiwan.


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TLC Taipei Picnic Day


I had an enjoyable afternoon with friends for my first picnic experience with TLC in 2016.
Here are some tips for someone who hasn’t had picnic yet.



fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Before the picnic

The first step for the date is to check up with your guest list.

Provide a related link and map for your guest.

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Ghiblis Annimation Exhibition 2016

Ghiblis Annimation Exhibition 2016

If you have no idea what is Ghiblis, I may suggest you to click the youtube video before you start reading my blog. It may bring you some memories while you hear the songs.

I was looking forward to coming this exhibition for a couple of month which started from the mid of June.

Finally James is here, so I can enjoy myself more. (I am not sure if you guys sometimes just can’t be yourself when you actually want to request more photos from your friends)
Anyway, James rarely says No to me. 😀


Although it was a cloudy day, it didn’t effect us too much. There were still lots of people, but I’m sure its less people now comparing to few months ago.

We only waited 15minutes to go in.


Howl’s moving castle


This is one of my favorite movie. The author knows how to take us into his magical world.


Parco Rosso

I actually didn’t watch this movie before, so we skipped it through very quickly. Lol
Kiki’s delivery service
There’s no way that people don’t know Kiki!! I have probably watched this for 100 times. I like how pure love they have in the story.


My neighbour Totoro

Totoro is probably the most famous animation from Ghbuli. Can you find the dust creature.

Pom poko


Princess Mononoke




About the exhibition

Ghiblis exhibition

Opening hour:08:30-21:00 (till 18/09)

Address:Haushan 1914 Creative park, Taipei

Official web:

Suggest duration: 3 hours
Ticket Price: $350

Getaway| 礁溪Jiaoxi 四圍城堡Lanyoung Railway

We visited Yilan, Taiwan last week and had lots of fun and have built new memories together.

Jiaoxi (礁溪) is one of a suburb in Yilan.






fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128About the transportation

As we didn’t have a car, we went everywhere with the public transport.

we trained to Jiaoxi station

The other thing that I like about this city is that busses normally come on time, there’s really small chances of missing your bus.


Please be aware that most of the busses don’t run on the weekend.

fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Where to visit?

Lanyoung Railway 四圍城堡

Take R1 from 礁溪 train station.

Address:No. 72, Sec 7, Jiao Xi Rd., Yi Lan Xian 262



This place has exhibited Shaun the sheep at the moment where it used to be Harry Potter theme.

It’s a restaurant and some little shops surrounding.



fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128About the food

Yilan is famous for suck, scallions, pork stick and so on. (Also check “must eat in Longdong night market)

We had a special version of duck pizza and pearl milk tea pudding for lunch.

Duck pizza

It taste quite nice as your rarely can tell it’s a duck. The sauce is perfectly match cheese and vegetables. The 9there thing we like about it is the bread is thin one resulting in easier bites for us.

Pearl milk tea pudding
We ordered this is because James is a big fan of pearl milk tea, however this taste funny. It’s not a pudding. The texture is more like mousse with lots of pearl on the top. The only thing I like about this is the Shaun sheep chocolate. Lol

So just avoid this dessert then you will be fine.
We enjoyed the scene there a lot. Every corner is dedicated. I reckon here is a right place for kids or someone like me who love cute things.

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Tips before ur trip begun in Taiwan

James is flying tmr 😀

fb4e8-easter_icons-20-128Tasks for James


When you are in the airport:

1 recharge $1000 into bus ticket in 7-11

2. recharge the phone with unlimited wifi ( $350 for 5-day unlimited internet usage with $45 free airtime (Balance deduction without free airtime)

Do this online!!!

Take bus to my house. You should find out ur way! search this by yourself thanks!



The photo was taken from terminal 2

Shuttle bus

5502 to Veterans Service Centre 榮民服務處




3. Exchange currency in the bank   [Bank of Taiwan]

Bank close at 3:30 p.m.!!!!!!!!!

address: 台北市松山區復興北路167號

No. 205, Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105


Take bus 630 from the stadium.


Meet me at my work at 4:30 p.m.



10 Things must do in Taiwan

10 Things must do like a real Taiwanese


  1. Ride on a scooterThere are 2.3b ppl in Twnes population and 1.2b scooters in Taiwan. Can you imagine how important scooter is for us?


2.Night market

I visit the night market in Syd, seems like they are trying to copy everything from here to the china town in Syd. Although they look the same, there is one thing they can’t steal that’s called “traditional flavor”.

3. Shrimping

As it’s a crowed island, we shrimp in the dark greenish water in a big sink . Will update a photo soon.

4. Wind sliding






5.Make wishes on your own lantern

I now can confidentially say yes, my dream came true!!! I passed my English exam last year eventually. 😀



6. Riding ubike

I think ubike is a really good idea for the public based on economic and healthy benefit.

7. Pipes garbing

All pipes that you can garb in those little box will be your lunch, they cook for you. James loves it so much.


8. Play go kart without helmet

I know it sounds dangerous but yes, that’s right! We don’t wear helmet here. No one can ruin your hairstyle.

not sure if you notice we didn’t wear shoes lol

9.Being a foodie

We have thousands and thousands new flavor everywhere. You can start eating since you wake up in the morning. One of the best thing in TW is you will never get hungry. Trust me! Lots of shops and restaurants open 247!

10. Visit karaoke

You can be a superstar here. Compare to the karaoke in Sydney, I have much more fun in TW. The system for ordering songs are much organised and you rarely not  be able to find your songs.

oh man, just realised we were so young….


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