Melbourne Solo trip #Yes finally I am talking about traveling.

Hi there,

Sorry for the disturbing about talking too much serious nursing things in the past few weeks. Travel mode Jess is back for 2 hours from now. LOL

SO I finished my assignments earlier than I imagined that allows me to have a day off for a little explosion in Melbourne while all my friends are suffering from the homework.

The weather in Melbourne is more groomy and cloudy than Sydney, it’s said here is 4 seasons in a day which I can not agree more.


I felt its spring this morning.


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My first trip in Melbourne

We went to Mel for Charlie’s wedding which was a really good experience for me and  a chance for me to explore Mel.

Everything in Mel is new for me , everything was wonderful except our 10 hour driving nightmare plan. lol I am not joking, its absolutely terrible of staying in and driving the car for 10 hours!! yes, its 10 hours.



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